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Meet Child Actress Cassidy Nugent - A Star Is Born

Updated On 22 Mar, 2021 Published On 22 Mar, 2021
Meet Child Actress Cassidy Nugent - A Star Is Born

Imagine being ten years old and having already worked on several TV series and movies. We don't know about you but meet the talented actress Cassidy Nugent who is best known for her appearance on The Angel Tree and Love Struck Cafe among many.

Actress Cassidy Nugent's Background

Child actress Cassidy Nugent has been working in the entertainment industry before she could even walk and talk. It's quite safe to say, Nugent has been working in the film industry her whole life, and she has only been here for the past ten years.

Child actress Cassidy Nugent with her sister Brooke Nugent. SOURCE: Instagram (Cassidy Nugent)

Speaking of which, Nugent was born in 2010 and celebrates her birthday on 28th March. Aries is her horoscope sign and the blonde star turns eleven in 2021.

But, who is Cassidy behind the camera? What do her fans know about the rising actress and future sensation? The child actress is from Canada where she lives with her sister named Brooke Nugent in Vancouver where her family has a dog and a cat.

Cassidy Nugent's Hobbies & Passion

And, acting is not the only thing Cassidy Nugent is great at as she also enjoys sports. Well, Nugent loves Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer. The athletic star can also play them well.

Needless to mention, Cassidy has a great future in the scope of sports alongside the entertainment industry. Not to mention, Cassidy is also great at horseback riding, skiing, and wakeboarding.

Fans can follow Nugent on Instagram which is monitored by her parents. Cassidy's Instagram frequently updates on her work and all the fun she has offscreen.

Cassidy Nugent - From Commercials To Van Helsing

Like we already mentioned, Cassidy Nugent has been working as an actress from a young age as she got the opportunity to work as a model and on commercials when she had not even turned a year old.

Cassidy Nugent is best known for her roles in Van Helsing. SOURCE: Instagram

So, in 2016, Nugent finally debuted with an onscreen role in the short movie called Porcelain as a birthday party guest. Likewise, Nugent then worked on Zoo which was followed by Love Struck Café, I Am Elizabeth Smart, Four Christmases and a Wedding, Winter's Dream, and Supernatural.

Nugent then earned a big role as Tabby on Syfy's Van Helsing co-starring Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, and Rukiya Bernard. In recent years, Cassidy worked on Just for the Summer, The Angel Tree, and Chasing Waterfalls.

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