Wacoans of the Year 2014 Chips Gaines and Joanna Gaines are the successful couples with the successful show. Their fans are getting about them back to back. Right after Joanna established her first retail store, Chips was happy and helping her in every aspect.

It seems love and happiness in the family has been added to a bulk as the couple recently welcomed a baby boy in June 2018. Now, they have become a family of seven with five children altogether. Wanna go for details? Let's dive in!

Former Fixer Upper Stars Chip Gains And Joanna Gaines Living A Happy Married Life

Chip and Joanna have established quite a name for themselves. With the proper renovation in Castle Height, they started their retail store in the Mongolia Villas.

They are also stated as the cutest couple in the HGTV home renovation show. Their fans might be surprised to hear that this couple went through the same University. But during the time they did not meet each other. 


Fixer Upper star Chip Gains and Joanna Gaines together, Source: Today

As according to Chips, Joanna Gaines is more romantic in her real life than in the show. In reality, Joanna is more responsible and sincere about the work that has been undertaken by her.

Chips also make an often visit to the shop for repairing his brakes. Both of them are giving an adequate time for their family business besides their show. They are having a happy married life with the sufficient net worth they earn from the show and their family retail.

Chip Gains' adorable kids, Source: Pinterest

Within one of the Instagram pictures shared by Joanna, she states home as her one of the happy places where the picture was posted herself along with her four of children including 2 girls and 2 boys; Emmie Kay, 8, Duke, 9, Ella, 11, and Drake, 13. Joanna Gaines states her favorite place as her kitchen which is a 100-year-old farmhouse.

Chips and Joanna Gaines are living a well-settled life with their children. Besides their show, they often make a regular traveling across the new cities for their new experiences and ideas. They are also providing their children a basis for their professional living from their very early phase of childhood. 

Welcomed Fifth Child In Family

Joanna and Chip have become proud parents of their fifth child, a boy named 'Crew'. Joanna welcomed Crew on 21st June 2018.

She shared an Instagram video with the newborn sleeping face leaning into her arm that captioned,

"Walking with my boy in the garden."

The home design pro also posted a close-up of her precious baby boy earlier in July. Furthermore, she shared images of her daughters enjoying and spending some time with Crew.

Joanna Gaines with Crew, Source: Instagram

Despite a bit of age gap between Crew and his elder siblings, Joanna seemed very happy to see her kids looking after and caring the new member in the family.

Just days before welcoming the child, she told Today,

"I want a C name and he [Chip] wants a D name. I say he got the boy, so I get to pick the name."

"There's going to be quite the [age] gap. I'm going to have a lot of little helpers. I'm so excited."

Ever since welcoming the new baby, the couple seems very busy sharing glimpses of the baby with fans. Let's congratulate the couple for their happy family.

Chip Gains And Joanna Gaines; Their Journey In Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper, the American reality TV series is all about home design and renovating skills starring Chip and Joanna. The show first aired in May 2013 with the fifth and the final season premiered on 21 November 2017.

The couple shared their decision to walk away from the show message on the Web site of their Magnolia Market. They thanked HGTV, the production company, fans, and High Noon Entertainment for the five successful seasons.

They wrote,

"Who knows what the future holds but we’re excited for whatever is around the bend and, in the meantime, we will definitely be staying in touch."

They insisted that they need some more time for themselves and their family. Each of them has an estimated net worth of about $8 million reportedly earning $30,000 per episode from Fixer Upper.

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