Home Article Comedian Billy Gardell married wife Patty Gardell in 2001. See their family relationship.

Comedian Billy Gardell married wife Patty Gardell in 2001. See their family relationship.

Updated On 10 Feb, 2022 Published On 05 Jan, 2017
Comedian Billy Gardell married wife Patty Gardell in 2001. See their family relationship.

In a nutshell, stand-up comedian Billy Gardell is living happily his married life with his lovely wife Patty Gardell and a son William and there have no issues about their married life.

American stand-up comedian William Billy Gardell popularly known as Billy Gardell is also an actor, voice artist and game show host. 

The Stand-up comedian married Patty Gardell in 2001. They are undoubtedly one of the sweetest and the most lovely couples of all time. They have a son together. Let’s find out more about their married life and children.  

Billy Gardell and Patty Gardell's Married Life

Billy Gardell tied up with his long-time girlfriend Patty Gardell in 2001. It has nearly been sixteen years since they got married but the love and attraction that they have for each other is still the same. There has never been any news or rumors relating to their divorce or an extra-marital affair.  

Actor Billy Gardell pictured with his wife Patty Gardell. SOURCE: Zimbio

Billy has often said in interviews that, 'his wife has been the biggest motivator and supporter for him over and done with all his trying times.' He credits most of his victory and positive arrogance to his lovely wife. 

Actor Billy Gardell plants a kiss on his wife Patty Gardell at an event. SOURCE: Getty Images

Their marriage is as balanced as anyone could hope for. Their martial issue is often observed as ‘relationship goals’ and many pairs not only get motivated by them but also learn some helpful tips and tricks to escape any chances of having a divorce in their lives.

In addition, to lead a healthy lifestyle, Gardell also underwent an impressive weight loss journey after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Moreover, Gardell used to weigh 350 pounds and later lost 148 pounds.

About their children:

The duo has a son together. Their 11 years old son is named William Gardell and it can be clearly seen that this Gardell junior has the same charm as his father. 

Billy Gardell is a proud father of one son named William Gardell. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Patty, Billy, son William Gardell and newly adopted a little pup as a part of their small family named Buzz. Billy and Patty Gardell are not expecting or planning any more children as far as we know. He is a good husband as well as a father.

About Billy Gardell:

Billy Gardell is influenced by Jackie Gleason for his comedy. Billy came to the acting profession after working in different fields at an early age. He is successful nowadays and also has been showing himself as one of the best and most required comedians.

Actor Billy Gardell is best known for his role in Mike & Molly. Source: Premium Movie Links

Billy started his profession by performing in comedy club nights shows. He has played various roles in TV and movies. People also liked him in Bad Santa which was released in 2003 and in “You, Me and Dupree” in 2006.”

Gardell has also made a good impression as a voice artist and an actor. He is not only a good father and a husband but also a brilliant artist. We wish him all the best for his upcoming future.

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