Home Article Comedian Dave Chappelle is Happily Married to Elaine Chappelle. See the Beautiful Relationship of the Couple

Comedian Dave Chappelle is Happily Married to Elaine Chappelle. See the Beautiful Relationship of the Couple

Updated On 29 Nov, 2018 Published On 29 May, 2017
Comedian Dave Chappelle is Happily Married to Elaine Chappelle. See the Beautiful Relationship of the Couple

Comedian Dave Chappelle is very happy in his married life with wife Elaine Chappelle. The couple has spent 15 years of their married life with three adorable kids.

Dave Chappelle, the American stand-up comedian is best known for Comedy Central's channel show The Chappelle Show. However, he has proved himself the best not only in comedy; his personal hits in the box office includes Undercover Brother, Blue Streak, You've Got Mall, The Nutty Professor, and Con Air.         

Similarly, Dave also has a very successful personal life. He is happy in his conjugal life with Elaine Chappelle and the couple has celebrated 15 years of togetherness with three adorable children.  

Blissful Married Life Of Dave Chappelle And Elaine Chappelle

Dave married the love of his life in the year 2001 after being in a relationship for a long time. The pair is very happy in their married life since no news on their divorce or extra-affair has hit the media.

Dave Chappelle and Elaine Chappelle together in an event
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Even after so many years they still look so much in love with each other. Hollywood, where second a couple is either getting a divorce or breaking up these two lovebirds, is definitely giving us some serious relationship goals.

What say, Guys!!!

Blessed with three adorable children

The stand-up comedian is a proud father of three children; two sons Sulayman Chappelle and Ibrahim Chappelle, and an adorable daughter Sonal Chappelle.


Timeout with family: The stand-up comedian with wife and cute daughter
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Chappelle lives with his wife and kids on a 65-acre farm close to the Yellow Spring, Ohio.

The 45-year-old star with Elaine, Sulayman, and Ibrahim

He exaggerated his multi-cultural family saying,

'My wife is Asian, and my children have someway turned out to be Puerto Rican… My mother is half of white. If I grew my hair out, you would suppose it was once a Katt Williams concert.'

Dave enjoys spending time with family members as he is frequently encountered at amusement parks and many other places spending a quality moment.

Dave Chappelle Converted His Religion Into Islam!

Yes! the news about the popular star created a big buzz in the media but he said that his family has a full support for his crucial attempt.

Dave Chappelle converted into an Islam
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He said,

"I don't normally talk about my religion publicly because I don't want people to associate me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is a beautiful religion if you learn it the right way. It's a lifelong effort. Your religion is your standard. Coming here I don't have the distractions of fame. It quiets the ego down. I'm interested in the kind of person I've got to become. I want to be well rounded and the industry is a place of extremes. I want to be well balanced. I've got to check my intentions, man."

Choosing a religion is solely a private affair but it is no more secret when some convert from one faith to other creating headlines more than usual in the media.

Dave being crazy with the audience
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Here is a video of Dave sharing some facts behind his decision converting his religion:

He converted to Islam in the late 1990s and he often admitted that his step has helped him a lot in maintaining his personal standards.

Dave Chappelle: Quick Facts

  • Born on 24 August 1973 and grew up in Washington, D.C.
  • Attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts before pursuing his career in New York City.
  • He presented himself in Mel Brooks’ film Robin Hood: Men in Tights in the year 1993.
  • His wife is from Brooklyn and is of Filipina descent and his children turned to be Puerto Rican.
  • Once his wife asked him what he would be now if he wasn't a comedian and the question left him completely blank.
  • Dave has been considered a comic genius just a few years back as per the Billboard.
  • He is not only a comedian but holds an integral part as a writer, actor and also a producer.
  • Chappelle's humorous attitude on critical topics like drug abuse, African-American culture, and politics has made him one of the best over past 20 years.
  • Has an amazing net worth of around $42 million as of 2018.

As the stand-up comedian has done his best in his career till date we wish him all the very best for his bright and wonderful career ahead. 


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