As we all Greta Van Susteren is a popular television news anchor and a commentator who used to work on the Fox News Channel as a host of the popular show, ‘On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren’. She is a very powerful, talented and inspirational woman to all of us.

However, today let us discuss her personal life. She is a happily married woman and has been living a blissful family life with husband John P. Coale since 1988. Sadly, according to the sources, they do not have any biological children but even then they seem happy together.  

Married life of Greta Van Susteren and John P. Coale

Greta tied the knot with millionaire trial lawyer John P. Coale in 1988. It was not the first marriage for John but definitely was last.

The couple seems very happy and in love together. It has been almost twenty-eight years since they got hitched and they are still together with no rumors of an extra-marital affair or a divorce.

According to the St. Petersburg Times, both of them are Scientologists and are one of the powerful couples.


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Two of them do not have a child of their own but looks like they are very fond of animals especially cats and dogs. They often share the pictures of animals in their respective social media accounts.


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Even though they have managed to remain private as a couple, individually they are always in the limelight. John is a millionaire and is also very successful in his profession.

According to Washington Post, he made “millions in tobacco wars’ as a lawyer. Similarly, the post further added, “Coale attended Kim Kardashian’s wedding and represented Lisa Marie Presley in her divorce from Michael Jackson.”

Greta’s husband battled throat cancer and underwent open-heart surgery

In the year 2013, it was revealed that John became a victim of throat cancer and his wife Greta shared the news with the world she wrote:

“It was not devastating. We are lucky! It was caught early and with radiation, there is only a 10% chance it will return. Radiation is horrible but you live. Others are not that lucky and get great prognosis- we are- and I don’t want to take away from those who have a much more serious medical situation”.

John was diagnosed in December 2012 and went through four or five surgeries in January and February 2013. Similarly, he also had open-heart surgery in 2015. It must have been a very difficult time for both of them but ‘everything is well if it ends well’, Isn’t It?


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Till now the adorable pair has always supported and loved each other. Like in every marriage, they also must have faced ups and downs but they managed to survive it through their love, passion, and trust for each other.
They are surely an inspiration for all of us and we wish them to remain like this for the rest of their life.