The infamous Queen B and the award-winning iconic rapper Jay Z have written a novel about their love with lots of typos, attracting millions and millions of loyal fans to their story. The everlasting rumors, scandals, and mysteries flew in the air for a decade now.

Because of the rather secretive and wise nature of the American singer, this romance was kept behind the curtains. Difficulties happen, but pure feelings and mutual work lead to even stronger relationships. Find your own love on How was it to bring this love through the years for the most desirable Hollywood starts?

Before relationships with Jay Z, Beyoncé was dating only one guy for 7 years. After Destiny’s Child band disappeared, she had a long depression and couldn’t overcome such stress, until a singer met Jay Z – one of the most expensive and famous rappers at the time. It was in 2002.

It all started with Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde was a debut music video of Beyoncé and Jay Z, where a future couple appeared as long-time lovers and partners. Media was blasting out loud headlines, supposing that an R&B singer and a rapper have a passionate romance together. However, celebrities didn’t want to comment on those rumors, deciding to keep their love in secret.

Beyonce and Jay-Z attending an event
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But within some time a couple gave up pretending and appeared on red carpets more often. Jay’s love made Beyoncé a real famous pop diva. Journalists kept asking about a day of engagement, but a couple responded with a blurry answer.

Secret marriage

A couple had no plans to make a scene out of their engagement, so the wedding was secret. It was a beautiful ceremony in a New York penthouse on April, 4 in 2008. Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles sawed the wedding gown for her lovely daughter. Unfortunately, paparazzi could not catch all the detailed, as well the newlyweds. This was a start for a beautiful family.

Blue Ivy’s birth

Jay Z was almost 40 at that time, so the child question became especially important and reasonable. However, a fast-growing career of young Bey could not afford almost a year of rest and a long rehabilitation. Two of the couple dodged the issue. However, in 2011 Beyoncé was happily rubbing her pregnant belly on MTV Video Music Awards, giving media an unambiguous clue.

Beyonce and Jay-Z with their daughter, Blue Ivy
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Finally, in 2012, on January, 7, Queen B gave birth to a girl, whom she named Blue Ivy Carter. Because she didn’t want to flash her maternity process, people started thinking the couple has a surrogate. Later on, Jay Z starred his 3-month old daughter in a track Glory.

Don’t hurt yourself

Rumors about Bey’s and Jay’s unhappy marriage spread out for a decade, allegedly blaming the rapper for constantly cheating on the pop-diva. This question was not answered until Beyoncé told her story in an iconic album called Lemonade, where she clearly revealed about her husband’s disloyalty.

Knowles didn’t want to abandon such beautiful relationships, so she forgave Jay, giving him the second chance. In the recent interviews, the rapper decided to openly address this question and admit his cheating, saying that there is nothing worse than hurting a loved person and being famous makes you feel redundant and unheard, so you do crazy stuff.

The recent news has broken the Internet: Beyoncé gave birth to twins, saying that love is always worth fighting.