David Brooks is an American Conservative and a political pundit who writes for the The New York Times. David brooks had been divorced two years ago but he is still single. 

David was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Professor father and teacher mother. He married Sarah in 1986 and the couple has three children together. Rumor has it that David wants to get married again. How much does this rumor hold the truth, let find out?

Marriage with Sarah Brooks

David and Sarah met at The University of Chicago as they were both studying there. The couple started dating each other from their college days and got married in 1986

At that time Sarah changed her name from Jane to Sarah as she adopted Judaism as her religion.


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According to David 'if you have a good college degree but crappy marriage then your life is wasted, but if you have a crappy college degree but good marriage then you have the best of life.'

He strongly believes in good marriage and during his speech at The University of Chicago he said that every course you take should be solely focused on how to have the best marriage.

Divorce with ex-wife Sarah Brooks 

His marriage lasted almost for more than twenty-five years. But every good relationship has its own shortcoming and so did David and Sarah's relationship had.

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The couple got divorced in 2014, ending their 27 years of marriage. 

Children with Sarah Brooks

David and Sarah have three children between them. He has named all of his three children in Biblical terms, but he has sent all of them at a Jewish school.

In an interview, he revealed that his oldest son named Aaron Brooks is enlisted in the Israeli Defence Force.

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After his divorce with Sarah, David has been subject to a lot of questioning as everyone knew about his religious faith and asking how is the 55-year-old living without having sex for more than 2 years.

And at that time he was linked to his former research assistant Anne C. Snyder so many eyebrows was raised at that time but David's publicist denied the fact.

David has been the center of gossip all around Washington, but he has tackled all of the question raised against him. So as of now, he is single and not looking to get married again.