Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are friends since a long time, but are they only friends now?
Demi’s new song form her new album, ‘Tell me you love me’ has created some rumors and has given hope to many fans about a possible relationship.

Demi Lovato’s new album dropped this month, and her songs are already creating a buzz. Her song ‘Ruin the Friendship’ especially has caught the attention of many fans and media. This song is supposedly written about her best friend, Nick Jonas.

Nick and Demi more than friends?

But first, let’s talk about Nick and Demi’s history first. The pop duo first met when they all were in Disney. Demi auditioned for The Jonas Brothers’ show called ‘Jonas’, Nick’s band along with his brothers Joe and Kevin. Unfortunately, she didn’t land the role but was cast for a better role with the Jonas Brother in the movie ‘Camp Rock.’ 

During the shooting of the movie, Demi was infatuated with Nick’s older brother Joe and the couple dated for few months in 2010 but soon broke up. Even after the breakup Joe, Demi and Nick remained friends. 

Demi and Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock

Demi and Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock

They have worked together for a long time, and Nick has even helped Demi write songs about Joe, an awkward situation for poor Nick. They also did a tour together called ‘Future Now’ in 2016.

Nick and Demi look cute togehter

Nick and Demi look cute together

After being friends for more than ten years and denying in every interview about being more than just friends, fans are speculating that the song ‘Ruin the Friendship’ is Demi’s way of expressing her feeling towards Nick. The lyrics that caught the eyes of the speculators were:

“Put down your cigar and pick me up
Play me your guitar, that song I love”

Nick is known for his love of cigar, and we all know he can play the guitar. Demi somewhat addressed the rumors in Ellen Degeneres Show when Ellen directly asked if the song was about Nick. But Demi seemed to just joked it off, but told her, 

“ You know something that I will always keep to myself is who I write my songs about.” 

To that Ellen responded by saying, “I see. OK. So it’s probably about him.” And Demi just burst out laughing. 

In an interview with MTV, she addressed the rumor by saying,

‘You don’t always have to explain it to people. You can just let it be, and that’s probably what I’ll end up doing,” she said. “I was inspired, I made a song about it, and I’m putting it out there and that’s where it’s going to stay. So whatever you want to think about it, you go into whatever theories you have. Fine. But I know what it’s about and who it’s about, and I’m just going to let it be.’

It was also rumored that Demi sent the song to Nick and he sent a song back to her that he wrote for her. Apparently, both Nick and Demi have feelings for each other but never acknowledged, it may be because of Joe but who knows.