Home Article "Feeling is same but the ritual is different everywhere", here is the list of best wedding culture around the world

"Feeling is same but the ritual is different everywhere", here is the list of best wedding culture around the world

Updated On 27 Jan, 2017 Published On 27 Jan, 2017

There are a lot of different wedding culture around the globe.You may have seen your share of weddings but really you have not seen them all. Let us find out different types of wedding all across the globe.

There are different types of weddings that happen in the world. Some are bit weird and some are just plain odd. The wedding is an essential part of our culture, from the southern suburb of Africa to the northern icy plains of Europe. We can go all around the globe but one thing that is similar in every culture is the wedding. 

Wedding differs from people to people, country to country and caste to caste. We have listed the most intriguing wedding that happens in the world. Let us find out more.  

15) Indian Wedding

Indian wedding goes for more than a week as all the people that are involved in the wedding are helping each other out.

There are many ceremonies including Engagement ceremony where the bride and the groom exchange rings and their families exchange gifts and sweets.


Source: Timt

There is also a mehndi ceremony in which the Bride's palms, wrists, arms, legs, and feet are all decorated. Followed by 'haldi and sangeet' ceremony. 

Then the main event comes when the bride and groom will actually get married. 

14) Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding cannot be held on any religious holidays and what is different about their wedding is that they will not ask you to honor your presence in the wedding but rather to dance in the ceremony and yes, it is compulsory.

Source: The Wedding yentas

The invitation card that you will get will be of two-sided as one-sided will be written in Hebrew and one side in English. The ceremony took place under the Chuppa, a canopy like structure which will keep evil spirits away.

The groom will stomp glasses that are wrapped in cloth that symbolizes happiness and sadness that comes with life. 

13) Japanese Wedding

Though, before a wedding, everyone is pure and pious but Japanese people take it bit further when the bride is painted white head to toe to show her pure form and declaring that she is a maiden to her in-laws. The bride also had to wear white Kimono and an elaborate headpiece.

The bride also had to wear white Kimono and an elaborate headpiece.

Source: Making this home

During the ceremony, the bride has to wear a white hood which depicts that the bride is hiding her horns of jealousy from her in laws.

A pretty weird tradition to say the least.

12) Jamaica Wedding

Jamaica wedding is a very big affair as the whole community gets involved in the wedding. The bride has to walk the street and if she is not looking her best then the whole public will criticize her. While the bride wears the typical white dress and the groom wears the Bush jacket. 

While the bride wears the typical white dress and the groom wears the Bush jacket. 

Source: Munaluchibridal

Several cakes are made for the big day and married woman carries the cakes whilst wearing the white dress.

Jamaican wedding is most probably the most enjoyable wedding as it is a full public affair and everyone is invited.

11) Islamic Wedding

Muslims wedding is also known as Nikah. The one thing that separates Islamic wedding from any other wedding is that the bride and the groom are not allowed to see each other. 

Source: Full on Wedding

The couple had to sign in a contract and say I accept three times and they are then considered as husband and wife.

Their divorce is a very controversial part as if one wants to divorce his or her husband or wife then all they have to say is Divorce! (Talakh) three times. 

10) Germany Wedding

German wedding tradition is a bit of an old fashioned. When a baby girl is born her family plants a tree in her honor and when the date of her wedding will be fixed then will cut the trees and sell them and the money that comes from the selling is used as dowry.

Pretty controversial to say the least as dowry is very controversial subject.

Source: Easy day

German wedding has the best tradition all around the world as the burden of money is for the family alone but also by all the relatives and friends.

9) Czechoslovakian Wedding

Before the couple ties the knot, the bride's friend will traditionally plant trees in her yard as it has been said that the bride will live as long the tree.

The tree will be decorated with colored ribbons and painted eggshells.

Source: Invitations by Ajalon

Reproduction is a very important thing in a Czechoslovakian wedding.

Before the couple exchanged vows, a baby doll is placed near the couple's bed as it will increase the bride's fertility.

8) Cuban Wedding

Though due to communist rule, the wedding cannot be an event but still, families find their way to celebrate the holy occasion. Families and friends will dance all across the streets as crowd watch.

Source: The wedding specialist

The main highlight of the marriage is not the ceremony but the wedding dress as in Cuban wedding you have to have the best wedding dress. The bride's dress is generally made of silk or satin.

The ceremony can prove to be a very costly affair and that is why the families do a money dance in which every guest is able to dance with the bride and after dancing he has to pin money on the bride's dress.  

7) Norwegian Wedding 

There are a lot of different types of wedding dresses in the world some are really different and some are just plain simple, but Norwegian wedding dresses take the crown as the dress are a pure beauty. The bride will wear a tradition white dress with gold or silver crown on her head.

The bride will wear a tradition white dress with gold or silver crown on her head.

Source: Pinterest

Bangles are also attached to the crown which produces a music that will ward off evil spirit.

The wedding cake is very different, as it is made up of bread and cheese.

6) Welsh Wedding

Well, how would you feel if your bride is kidnapped just before the wedding!! Shocked right. This is how a typical Welsh wedding is done.

Source: Highland

The Groom first of all has to carve a spoon out of wood and if the bride wears it then they are married.

Source: Rock my wedding

After the bride is kidnapped, the Groom's family will look for her and whoever rescues her first will be the next one to get married.

In her bouquet, the bride will carry myrtle, a symbol of love, and gives the cutting of the plants to her bridesmaid.

5) Chinese Traditional Wedding

In Chinese culture, the bride and groom are not allowed to see each other until the ceremony. A middleman is used to control the lengthy engagement.

Upon accepting, the couple's parents will then control the negotiation. There are also a lot of taboos in Chinese wedding like within three months prior to their wedding they should not go to any funeral or another wedding, and if a bride meets another prospect bride on her wedding day then their luck may clash.  

Source: CnHujiang

Chinese people are a firm believer of astrology and they would derive the bride and groom's date and time of birth and match them.

After the match is made then they would call an astrologer and then he will an auspicious date for the wedding.

4) American Wedding

America is known for its diversification as there are people from all parts of the world. When there are lots of people from a different culture then the marriages are also bound to be diverse.

America's wedding is one of the most diverse types in the world.

Source: Ruffle

The most famous part of the marriage would be the wedding kiss that the couple does to prove their love to themselves.

The majority of the American wedding also includes the wedding toast.

3) Malaysian Marriage

Malaysian marriage not only focuses on the newly wed's future but also to their future children as well. The groom family will send gifts that are directly involved in the bride's childbearing capacity.

The gifts can include trays of food with origami flowers and cranes that are made up of currency notes.

Source: Wedding Destination

The ceremony is done in a Hindu style as the bride and the groom will sit next to each other and feed the other with yellow rice and their hands are also painted with henna.

One thing that stands out in their wedding is that the couple would give the guest a hard-boiled egg which symbolizes fertility.

2) Russian Wedding

In Russia, civil ceremonies are only legal and your marriage also has to be civil. The couple first has to apply to the Department of Registration of Civil Statuses, so that they are allowed to get married.

After applying for their they must wait for at least 1 month until they are given permission to get married.

Source: InvitationbyAjalon

Their wedding ceremony is very different as the bride and the groom has to race in the red carpet and whoever reaches the throne first will be the leader in the household.

They even eat a wedding load and the one who eats the bigger bite will be the leader.

1) Cajun Wedding

Cajun people wedding is in our number 1 list as the tradition behind their wedding is plain weird. As they are one of the most isolated people to live in the state of Louisana, The United States, their wedding ceremony takes days.

Source: Modern Day

The religious official would take weeks to come there and to symbolize their wedding the couple would jump over a broom.

The broom is a very important part of the cajun people as it is the main highlight of their marriage. The siblings of the couple who are unmarried will dance with the broom and make jokes about their single life.

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