Donnie Simpson is known for his amazing skills as an American radio DJ and television personality. ‘The Donnie Simpson Morning Show’ is the show which is anchored by Donnie in a radio station, WMMJ-FM and has been widely known all over the world. 

Donnie is involved in hosting the show as well as he is taking his married like along pretty well. Donnie got happily married to wife Pamela Simpson and the couple has welcomed two children; happily continuing their married life. 

Today in this section let us talk about their married life and also about their children!!!


Donnie Simpson is married to Pamela Simpson:

Donnie in his teen age he was passionate with Pamela and they got happily married in 1973 when Donnie was 19 years old. They are happily spending their quality time together in Detroit. 

The happiest couple together, Source: old school music


Both Donnie and Pamela are enjoying their relaxing lifestyle and also their deep friendship and love has made them perpetuate their married life where they have been staying together since 1973. It's obvious that their married life is going well without any rumors of their divorce from the love they have shared together and also the family they have created.


When Donnie was asked what about the tough times when it occurs in their relationship. And he replied that:

"I anticipate it to happen. In other words, life is full of speed bumps, and if you understand that "things happen" you just deal with it. Life always works itself out. " 

Donnie also told that:

 "Love is simple, love is fun. I love, love!". 

Donnie seems to be the most hardworking person and that was the thing which Pamela adores most and also the sense of humor of Donnie. Wow!!! 

The pair is blessed with two children, Son Donnie Junior and their daughter named Dawn Simpson. Their son is now 41 years and their daughter is just 37 years old. There is now any rumors on their divorce and also their cleave because they have already welcomed their grand children too.

We hope this couple lives like this forever and also their strong bond with their family remain same!!!

 Let’s get more into Donnie’s career!!! 

Donnie Simpson’s Career:

Donnie has become successful in his career along side his successful married life. He started his career when he was 15 years old. 

Donnie is the icon of the Washington, D.C radio as well as a television personality.

As we have mentioned that he was the host of 'The Donnie Simpson’s Morning show' at Morning Drive for like 30 years.

He was awarded the Billboard’s prestigious Radio Personality of the year and also the Program Director of the Year. 

In 2015 Donnie was out of the retirement and again he returned to the Radio airwaves this time on WMMJ to anchor The Donnie Simpson Show. On magic FM 102.3 FM Donnie started doing a show, The Show airs Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 7:00. On TV one ‘Donnie After Dark’ was anchored by Donnie on 5th February 2016. 

Quick Facts of Donnie Simpson:

  • Donnie was born on 30th January 1954
  • He was born in Detroit, Michigan, U.S
  • He has also been known by the nicknames, "Love Bug", "The Green-eyed Bandit" and "Dr. Green Eyes" for his luminous, light green eyes.
  • He was raised with his twin sibling named Lonnie Simpson.
  • He graduated from Michigan University.
  • He is Aquarius when it comes to his horoscope. 
  • His net worth is $5 million. 

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