Home Article Dustin Clare Married Camille Keenan in 2009, know about his past affairs

Dustin Clare Married Camille Keenan in 2009, know about his past affairs

Updated On 10 Jan, 2017 Published On 10 Jan, 2017
Dustin Clare Married Camille Keenan in 2009, know about his past affairs

Dustin Clare is a married man, who along with his wife Camille Keenan and a son Darcy Clare. Let us find out about their married life, shall we.

Dustin Clare is an Australian actor who is best known for his role in Starz series Spartacus: Gods of the Arena as Gannicus. Dustin is married to New Zealand actress Camille Keenan and the couple is enjoying their married life with their child.

Dustin was born in Grafton and raised in Ballina, New South Wales, and Maclean. Dustin tied the knot to Camille in 2009 and they have been stuck to each other ever since. And it looks like it is for the best as they are very happy with each other.  

Blissful Marriage with Camille Keenan

Dustin and Camille got married in 2009. The actor met his soulmate on the sets of Australian TV series Satisfaction.

It looks like they were doing their roles so brilliantly that they ended up falling for each other.


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Dustin and Camille started dating at that time and when they thought that they should take this relationship further than they decided to exchange vows.

Their decision turned out to be the best for them as they are so happy together and everyone gives example out of their relationship.

Dustin's Children with Camille Keenan

Dustin is not only lucky to have a girl like Camille by his side for his entire life but she has also blessed him with a son. 

The couple is very happy with each other and on top of that, the birth of their son has made their relationship much stronger. 

He was born in 2012 and the duo named him Darcy Clare as of now he is all grown up and loves to play with his father and mother

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Camille is also a director and a producer. She was three months pregnant when she was directing and also starring in a movie named Sunday.

Dustin's Previous dating history

Even though Dustin is very handsome and his physique is just wow he has never been involved with any woman prior to his marriage with Camille. 

He is a very hardworking and focused man who only looks at his aim and does not get distracted by any of it. His dedication towards building the perfect physique for his movie roles is a big example of it. 

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Dustin himself said that whenever he has on the schedule of shooting he usually does weight training three times a week and he is a big fan of water as he is often seen in beaches and swimming pool doing surfing and swimming. 

Dustin and Camille are the cutest couples we know and we wish them all the very best for their future with each other and their son.

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