Wow! that's a little off the track decision by Elle King to skip out on her wedding and choose to attend a concert instead. Well, it looks like she prefers rock and roll rather more than a boring wedding.

Her boyfriend Andrew “Fergie” Ferguson must be furious but he isn't available to make any comments regarding the incident. 

People are now asking as the wedding got canceled, when will it take place then.

Elle attends the Eagles of Death Metal concert          

The past weekend, Elle and her boyfriend decided to tie the knot and everyone was very excited about that, especially Elle's father Rob Schneider

Elle and Fergie going for a boat ride in California, Source: Etonline

But at the last moment, Elle decides to skip her wedding and went on to attend a rock concert by the band Eagles of Death.

She posted a video on her Instagram account and Wow! this girl sure knows how to make headlines. And to top it all off her caption was a little bit over the top, to say the least.


Skipped out on my wedding. I married Rock&Roll instead so I hopped on tour with EAGLES OF FUCKING DEATH METAL

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Well, we do hope that Fergie doesn't lose patience and keep his calm. He's not available right now to make any comment about the incident. 

Fergie Proposed Elle under the bridge

Fergie made Elle feel special when he proposed her while inside a boat and under the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

She said, "Yes," Source: Toofab

The year 2016, was pretty neat for Elle as she got nominated for the 2016 Grammy Awards for the song Ex's and Oh's.

Then in early 2016 her boyfriend Fergie pop out the big question, she was head over heels.

Elle not ready for marriage

But it looks like that Elle is not ready for the marriage yet. Just after one week of moving together with Elle, Fergie popped the big question.

Elle performing in San Francisco, Source: Billboard

But after Elle skipped her wedding, many questions are now rising to the surface about their relationship. Now it really looks like Elle's not ready for the marriage. 

Now according to many websites, it's said that the couple dated for a long time before deciding to get married but some websites deny the fact.

Elle performing at the Grammys, Source: Radio

Did Fergie hastily decided to marry his girlfriend or was he fully prepared for it. He's not out in the public after incident yet but as soon as something develops between the two, we'll let you know.

Stay tuned for more of Hollywood's hottest gossips.

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