Home Article Exploring the Life of Dale Russell Gudegast, the Wife of Actor Eric Braeden

Exploring the Life of Dale Russell Gudegast, the Wife of Actor Eric Braeden

Updated On 28 Apr, 2023 Published On 27 Apr, 2023
Exploring the Life of Dale Russell Gudegast, the Wife of Actor Eric Braeden

Dale Russell Gudegast is famous among us as the beloved wife of the actor Eric Braeden. The couple got hitched in 1966 and are spending great moments ever since. Continue reading about this pair in today's article here below.

What may not be accessible to public knowledge is that the lady is in fact successful in her acting line. Speaking of the matter, she has displayed her talent as an actor in the shows like The F.B.I., The Six Million Dollar Man, and Gunsmoke.

Alongside her successful acting career, Gudegast also honed her skills as a writer, penning screenplays and television scripts. Her most notable work as a writer was the made-for-TV movie "The King of Queens," which aired in 1981. Discover her personal life here.

Who Is Dale Russell Gudegast, Wife Of Eric Braden?

Dale Russell Gudegast's influence in the industry rose thanks to her recurring role on the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" in the 1980s. Also, she came to the limelight as a celebrity wife. The lady is none other than the loving wife of The Young and the Restless star, Eric Braden.

Dale Russell Gudegast, alongside her husband of five decades, Eric Braeden.  SOURCE: Getty Images

The Titanic cast met the true love of his life on the set of Combat in 1964. He and his partner developed a friendship that evolved into a romantic relationship over timeThe American actor exchanged vows with his girlfriend turned wife Gudegast on an auspicious day on October 8, 1966. 

To add up, Dale is pretty supportive of her husband who is always in the spotlight. Eric and his soulmate have now completed the togetherness of four decades. Like Braeden, Gudegast is also an actress and hails from Bakersfield, California. 

Despite the high divorce rates prevalent in today's society, Eric Braeden stands out as a shining example of a successful lifelong marriage, having kept the vows he made to his wife many years ago. His enduring romance with his wife is reminiscent of the legendary love story of Romeo and Juliet, serving as an inspiration to society.

Who Is The Son Of Dale Russell Gudegast? Know Everything About Him

The quiet famed child of Dale and her husband, Christian Gudegast born on February 9, 1970, has followed in his parent's footsteps as a screenwriter and film director. Aside from being a loving wife, Dale is also a grandmother to three lovely girls. Christian has made a name for himself as a scriptwriter and filmmaker. 

Dale Russell Gudegast, and her husband Eric Braeden at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony.  SOURCE: Getty Images

Speaking of which, Christian movies are much loved all over the world and are critically acclaimed. In 1992, while enrolled at UCLA, he earned the Best Student Film Award for his thesis "Shadow Box".The writer has screenwriting credits in several movies, including "Soldier of Fortune," "Beyond City Limits," "A Man Apart," as well as "London Has Fallen" and "Den of Thieves."

Throughout Dale's career, Gudegast has remained dedicated to her family while raising their son, Christian Gudegast and daughter followed after their son's arrival. The mature couple, Gudegast and Braeden celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary in 2019, and in commemoration, Braeden shared a lovely picture on Facebook.

Dale Russell Gudegast's son, Christian Gudegast, and her eldest daughter.  SOURCE: Twitter(@EBraeden)

 The couple also has a mysterious daughter who is the eldest, followed by their son Christian. His mom has retired from the entertainment industry and has shifted her focus toward philanthropic endeavors. Dale Russell Gudegast gained recognition as an American actress following her appearance in the 2001 family comedy crime film, Holiday in the Sun.

Is Dale Russell Gudegast Involved In Charities?

Dale Russell Gudegastis an actress who has been a supportive and loyal wife to her famous husband. She has kept most of her personal life details a secret. Yeah as most of her fans asked, she is actively involved in charitable causes, particularly those aimed at supporting children's healthcare and education.

Check out the video of Dale Russell Gudegast together with her husband of over five decades.

Above all, the couple held each other's hand in every ups and downs, since the beginning of their relationship. Loyalty and faith are the key factors in longing to keep their chemistry strong for more than five decades! We just wish to see them together and active in the industry until the very end.

There are no controversies and extramarital affairs outside the lovebird's unconditional love. Well, the happy family relishes a beautiful time in Santa Monica. Back in 2010, Gudegast and Braeden acquired a residence in Los Angeles, California, for $4.5 million. The house is comprised of six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms and covers an area of 5,674 square feet.

While he chose the location, credit for the beautiful interior design of the house goes to his wife. The property boasts a pool and a fountain, and Eric considers himself fortunate as it truly feels like home

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