Home Article Find out how healthy Omega-3 can be for your body; See all its health benefits Physically and Mentally

Find out how healthy Omega-3 can be for your body; See all its health benefits Physically and Mentally

Updated On 27 Jun, 2017 Published On 27 Jun, 2017
Find out how healthy Omega-3 can be for your body; See all its health benefits Physically and Mentally

Find out about healthy Omega-3 can be for your body; See its health benefits of the Omega-3 fatty Acids Importance

There are various food items which can lead to a healthy life today, tomorrow, and in the future. Your television is full of telly ads which claim to help you reduce your body fat by purchasing this and that.

But in reality, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to become physically and mentally fit. There are various food items which can instantly help you become fit.

And today in this section, we're going to cover one particular nutrient, called Omega-3. We will be looking at its health benefits and how it helps our body to function properly.

Omega-3-An Elixir for fit & healthy body

There aren't many items which we can Elixir as they have their advantages along with disadvantages. But Omega-3 is one of those rare nutrients which helps your body in a variety of ways.

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But as Omega-3 contains fats, many people believe in the myth that fat is absolutely unnecessary for your body and they refrain from consuming it. 

Debunking the Myth-"Fat is not Healthy"

Our body is built by cells, tissues, and organs. Off these basic building blocks, organs play the most vital part of our body.


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And you'd be definitely surprised to hear that organs like kidney and pancreas, do their function with the help of fat. If you completely eliminate fat from your body, then your whole body will stop functioning.

Your body fat percentage should always be around the minimum mark of 6 to 7 percent. If you go below that range, then chances are your body will stop functioning altogether.

So from now on, debunk the absurd hypothesis about stop consuming fat for good.

Omega-3-Provides Essential Fat

Omega-3 is one of the most avoided nutrients in the world. Even though everyone knows how healthy it is, but they still chose to not consume it as it contains fats and what not.

Omega-3 Most Important Benefits

Below are the many health benefits of Omega-3 nutrient. We're sure after reading all of these benefits you'll start consuming omega-3.

1.) Contains Essential Fats which help your body function properly

It contains EPA and DHA, which is one of the most important fats that your organs need to perform well. If you start consuming this nutrient on a regular basis, you'll find out the difference soon.

2.) EPA and DHA help tackle various health issues

Both EPA and DHA helps control blood fat (triglycerides) level. Having a high blood fat level often put your body at the risk of heart disease.

It also helps eliminate Rheumatoid arthritis as it can help your knees function properly.

3.) Omega-3 will boost your memory power

If your child suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder), then this nutrient will help reduce the ADHD level.

It will boost your child's mental skills, like thinking, remembering, and learning.

4.) Helps improve your eyesight

Omega-3 also contains, DHA, which is essential for your brain and eye retina. If your body doesn't get enough of DHA, you'll be suffering from weak eye sights.

Omega-3 does the job for you as it contains DHA and it will help in improving your eyes and brain power.

5.) It can helo you fight autoimmune disease

There are a variety of autoimmune disease in this world which leads to thousands of deaths every year. Type 1-diabetes is a prime example of it.

Millions of people suffer from diabetes and after cancer, it's one of the most destructive diseases. Omega-3 completely remove the risk of you getting these type of disease.

These are few of many health benefits of Omega-3 nutrients. Omega-3 can be richly found in Anchovies, Bluefish, Herring, Mackerel, Salmon, Sardines, Sturgeon, Lake trout, Tuna.

Source: WebMD

So people, if you want to stay healthy, then consuming the right food along with the right nutrients will lead to a healthy and better life.

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