Florian Orth is a German athlete renowned for middle distance events mostly at the 1500 meters. The rising player has represented his country at three indoor and two outdoor European Championships. 

Today, we are here to talk about the rising career of Florian including his relationships and married life. So, if you are one of the fans of Florian and wants to know about his life than stay with us!!!!! 

Florian Orth; Know about his rising career

The runner Orth running in the hearts of many got his first international break in World Junior championship at Bydgoszcz, Poland in 2008 holding 26th position at 1500 meters with a time elapse of 3 minutes and 55.45 seconds.

Boosting up his ambition to a new level, Florian then in 2011 participated in European Indoor Championships held in Paris, France holding 10th position in 1500 meters running within 3 minutes 47.47 seconds.

Florain after his running

Athlete Florian Orth; source: lokalo24

In the indoor championship, Florian's personal best is recorded to be 3 minutes 34.54 seconds in 1500 meters and 7 minutes 44.65 seconds in 3000 meters.

And regarding outdoor championships, Orth's best is recorded to be 3 minutes 39.97 seconds in 1500 meters and 7 minutes and 49.48 seconds in 3000 meters.

Florian achieved the 2nd position in 2011 in 1500 meters running of Leichtathletik held in Kassel. Here is a video of it you can enjoy.

However, the rising star's world ranking has not been reported yet. Though Orth is in the stage of his building career, his contribution is praised by British Athletics as of tweet on 24 January 2015.

Florian Orth; Meet his wife and know about his married life

It all started back in 2012 when Florian and Maren first met each other in European Championship over 1,500 meters. The fortune blessed the duo that year to perform their first joint international assignment in Helsinki at European Championships where they got an opportunity to know each other and within no time they started dating.   

Despite the busy schedule, the duo before the marriage managed time to see each other on weekends and maintained their love strong: 

"At the moment, we are spatially separated and only look at the weekends, which will change the course of the year."

Florain Orth in the run

Rising star of Athletics, Florian Orth; source: Mitte Laye Rische

Moreover, after being in a relationship for about three years the couple married on March 2017 and the newly wed husband-wife duo seem to be enjoying their marriage.   

Sweet couple Florain and Maren

Couple Florian and Maren; Source: Leichtathletik

Quick facts of Florian Orth

Florain in an interview

Hope of Germany, Florian Orth; source: Wikimedia
  • Born on 24 July 1989 in Schwalmstadt, Germany.
  • Height is 5 ft and 11 inches.
  • Star sign is Leo.
  • Estimated to have a net worth of 0.2 million Euros.

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