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Gerina Piller & Husband Martin Piller Are Proud Parents Of A Son

Updated On 10 May, 2023 Published On 19 Dec, 2019
Gerina Piller & Husband Martin Piller Are Proud Parents Of A Son

Golf pair Gerina Piller and her husband Martin Piller are still going stronger after a decade of their marriage which only became more blissful after the couple started a family of their own in 2018.

For Gerina and her partner, raising a toddler child, however, hasn't been easier for them as a working couple whose job involves constant traveling and considering that their son is only a year and a half at the moment. That, however, doesn't mean the couple seldom make time for themselves and their child. Here's everything you need to know.

Gerina Piller Named Her Son After Her Grandfather

The golf champ Gerina Piller and her husband, Martin Piller, who tied the knot in 2011 welcomed their son who they named Ajeo James Piller seven years later on 26th April 2018. Gerina who likes to call her son AJ in short form was the one who decided to name him Ajeo after her grandfather.

A perfect match; Gerina Piller and Martin Piller. SOURCE: Heavy

Mrs. Piller wanted to honor her grandfather who passed away when she was just a teenager and as her maternal family is comparatively larger, she wanted to keep the legacy of her father's ancestor. Ajeo can be also often seen with her mother at the golf course, something the LPGA champ enjoys.

On the other side, the job of handling a toddler whilst traveling especially for work doesn't always come easy. But, truly, it's far much better for Piller and her husband to have their son near them rather than to be far away from him.

Needless to say, their child has been a big factor for making Gerina and Martin's relationship stronger. But, with knowing how Gerina didn't like Martin at their first meet, who would have thought they would be married today?

A Hate At First Sight?

It was certainly no hate at first sight, but the first time Gerina met her then-future husband was in November 2009 whilst both of the golfers were invited to play at a golf event. Ironically, the New Mexico born and bred knew Martin of course but had never met him before that day.

Gerina Piller alongside her son, Ajeo James Piller. SOURCE: Golf Channel Twitter

And, when the two had to share the same golf cart, that was how their love story began. Their first-time meet was not anything like you would expect though. If anything, Martin was perceived as an over-confident guy by Gerina as she also found him super annoying.

And, before the father of her child could ask him out, she rejected him. Martin, however, managed to get her number. And, interestingly, he even made a call for their next and officially first date which took place at the Lakewood Country Club, they both were a member of.

But, this time, Gerina found him less annoying. In fact, the two went on to bond more as they played golf and laughed and even discovered their mutual interest of enjoying The Office and playing slug pug. Not to mention, what pulled them even closer was the discovery that they attended the same church.

Gerina & Martin Gets Married

And, not less than a year later of dating, the graduate of Goddard High School became engaged to Martin in August 2010. Their engagement couldn't be more romantic when her beau proposed her with a ring kept inside a golf ball.

Five months later in January 2011, the love birds joined in holy matrimony and became one of the famous PGA/LPGA couples in history. And, for their wedding, Martin, a big fan of Michael Jackson even dedicated a dance to his bride on their big day by performing in You Rock My World.

With eight years of their marriage, Gerina and Martin are still head over hills in love today. As a matter of fact, the duo is super strict of not mixing their professional life with their personal life as they never mention golf at home.

And, in less than a month as of 2019, Gerina and Martin will celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary.

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