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Get to Know Anthony Kiedis's Son, Everly Bear Kiedis: All Details Here

Updated On 06 Feb, 2024 Published On 04 May, 2023
Get to Know Anthony Kiedis's Son, Everly Bear Kiedis: All Details Here

Anthony Kiedis is a famous rock star and the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But he is also a loving father to his son, Everly Bear Kiedis. Everly was born in 2007 to Kiedis and his former girlfriend, Heather Christie. He is the only child of the rocker and has inherited his father’s passion for music. In this article, we will explore all the details about Everly Bear Kiedis, his relationship with his dad, his hobbies, his appearance, and more. Read on to find out more about this adorable kid

Who is Everly Bear Kiedis? Everything You Need to Know About Anthony Kiedis’ Son

Everly Bear Kiedis is the only child of Anthony Kiedis, the founder and lead vocalist of the popular rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Born on October 2, 2007, to Anthony and his former girlfriend Heather Christie, a model, Everly's name was inspired by Anthony's favorite band, the Everly Brothers, and his mother's love for bears.

Everly Bear Kiedis is a celebrity kid. Image Source: Everly's Instagram@kiediseverly

Fatherhood has had a profound impact on Anthony's life and music, and he often sings with his son. He has an Instagram account with over 1,285 followers, where he occasionally shares posts and photos.

Everly has a great relationship with his musician father. As per his father Anthony, his son has changed his life and made him forgive his own father who was an actor and drug dealer, John Kiedis.  

How Old is Everly Bear Kiedis? Is He Dating Anyone?

Everly Bear Keidis has managed to maintain a prominent position in the limelight despite his young age. Despite being a celebrity kid, he prefers to keep a low profile. There is no clear information about his dating status. He is only 15 years old and may not be interested in dating anyone yet. 

Furthermore, Anthony Kiedis's son seems to be focused on his hobbies and spending time with his dad. He has not posted any pictures of a girlfriend or a partner on his Instagram account. He may be keeping his personal life private or he may be single.

Everly Bear Kiedis' Parents Anthony Kiedis And Heather Christie's Relationship

Everly's dad Anthony Kiedis and his mom Heather Christie's relationship had its ups and downs. His parents first met at a party in 2004, and Anthony was immediately drawn to her. After convincing her to go on a coffee date with him, they began dating. However, their relationship hit a rough patch in 2005, leading to a temporary breakup. After the split, he briefly dated model Jessica Stam.

Everly's parents Anthony Kiedis and Heather Christie. 

The couple eventually reconciled in 2006, and their relationship seemed to be back on track. They welcomed their son, Everly Bear Kiedis, on October 2, 2007. The name Everly was inspired by Anthony's love for the Everly Brothers, while Bear was chosen by Heather due to her fondness for the animal.

Despite their efforts to make the relationship work, Anthony and Heather announced their permanent separation in June 2008. They have since co-parented their son, with Anthony taking on the primary caretaker role. However, in March 2018, the former couple had a custody dispute over Everly, with Heather requesting more time with their son. The details of the dispute were not made public, but it was reported that the two eventually resolved.

His Parents' Reason for their Relationship Separation

While the precise reason for Anthony Kiedis and Heather Christie's split remains unknown, it appears that they faced personal difficulties and conflicts. There are reports that during their brief breakup in 2005, Anthony was seen with model Jessica Stam. 

They renewed their romance in 2006 but ultimately broke up for good, officially announcing their separation in June 2008. In 2018, they had a custody battle over their son Everly and Heather was granted the custody of their child. 

Later that year, Anthony allegedly accused his wife of mistreating Everly claiming the child's mother even slapped him. 

How Much is Everly Bear Kiedis' Father's Net Worth

Anthony Kiedis, the father of Everly Bear Kiedis, is a renowned rock musician who is the founder, lead singer, and lyricist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. However, he has an incredible net worth of $155 million as of now. He accumulated his wealth through the sale of more than 80 million records worldwide, as well as the sale of his band's music catalog for $140 million

Anthony Kiedis has a total net worth of $155 million as of now. 

Additionally, he earns money from live performances and endorsements. He owns a property in Hollywood, which he purchased for $3.65 million in 2013, situated above the Sunset Strip.

Everly Bear Kiedis' Father's Short Bio

Anthony Kiedis is an American singer, songwriter, and actor, best known as the lead vocalist and founder of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. He was born on November 1, 1962, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to parents who were both involved in the arts. Further, he grew up in Los Angeles, California, where he attended Fairfax High School.

Furthermore, he formed Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1983 with Flea, Hillel Slovak, and Jack Irons. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1984, but it wasn't until their 1991 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik that they gained mainstream success. The album included hits such as Give It Away, Under the Bridge and Suck My Kiss. The band has released 11 studio albums to date and has won multiple Grammy Awards.

Likewise, he has also pursued acting, appearing in films such as Point Break and The Chase. He also showed up on TV shows like The Simpsons and Sons of Anarchy as a guest star.

Additionally, he has had a tumultuous personal life, struggling with drug addiction throughout much of his early career. He has been sober since the early 2000s and has spoken publicly about his experiences with addiction and recovery. He is also an advocate for environmental causes and has been involved in various charitable organizations.

Is Everly Bear Kiedis Active on Social Media?

Everly Bear Kiedis is an active user of social media platforms, particularly Instagram. He has an Instagram account with more than 1,200 followers where he frequently posts pictures of himself, his father, his friends, and his interests, such as surfing, skateboarding, music, and nature. 

Additionally, he has another Instagram account with fewer followers, where he shares more personal content. Kiedis also has a Facebook page with over 1,000 likes. He posts photos and updates about his life and his father. He does not seem to have any other social media accounts, such as Twitter or TikTok.

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