"Intelligent people tend to have fewer friends than the average person. The smarter you are, the more selective you become." 

Kevin Ashman is the man with all the answers from 'Egghead' to 'Mastermind'. Though he's long been popular with his unbelievable talent, his fans are eager to know whether the star is dating someone in secret or still single.

Let's get details about his personal life in today's session.

Fifteen To One Winner Kevin Ashman's Current Relationship

Kevin Ashman, 58, the popular English quiz player achieved immense success in his profession but prefers to stay low-profile when it comes to his personal life which intrigues his fans even more. 

If there is someone who likes to keep things close to his chest then it's none other than Kevin. The TV personality is in his late 50s and according to our research, is still not tied to a marital bond with someone.

He is very secretive about his personal life so finding a information regarding it is like finding a big treasure trove. 

The quizmaster Kevin Ashman is most probably single
Source: Daily Echo

For now, all we can say that he's very happy in his life being single. Some sources suggest otherwise, but we're sure Kevin is not married to any wife or something of the sort.

Kevin Ashman's  Professional Career

The amazing journey of success began in Ashman's life when he won the Series 3 on Fifteen to One in 1989.

In 1995, he won Mastermind scoring 41 points a 'theoretically impossible' score. Following the successes, he also won Screen Test, Trivial Pursuit, The Great British Quiz, Sale of the Century, and Quiz Night

Kevin Ashman is one of the greatest quizzers in the world
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He served as the arbiter and question-setter on the Radio 4 quiz show Brain of Britain for four years starting from 2002.

He's been regularly competing on the British quiz show Eggheads since 2003. He won numerous quiz contests including the British Quiz Championships, European Championships, and World Quizzing Championships.

No doubt, Ashman is a committed quizzer and competes in various quiz competitions with three different teams excluding the Eggheads team on television.

Kevin Ashman: Quick Facts

Source: The Guardian
  • Born on 2 November 1959 in Winchester, Hampshire, England.
  • His birth sign is Scorpio.
  • He studied at St Bede's Primary School.
  • Also attended the Peter Symonds Grammar School/College.
  • He has an interest in folk music and theatre plays.
  • He received a BA degree in Modern History from the University of Southampton in Modern History.
  • He received his first major TV quiz success on Fifteen to One in 1989.
  • He's competed on the British quiz show Eggheads since 2003.