Alexandria Duval, a Hawaiian Yoga teacher, has been charged with her twin sister's murder in 2016 who allegedly drove off a cliff in killing her twin.

A murder trial for Duval, 39, has been initiated where she pleaded not guilty to killing her sister Anastasia in 2016.


Alexandria Duval charged with murder of her twin sister in a car crash 2016,
Source: Daily Mail

The public prosecutor Emlyn Kiga said in his opening statement that Alexandra Duval, ''intentionally or knowingly'' drove off the cliff, however, her defense lawyer, Birney Bervar said that the crash was not more than a tragic accident.

Prosecuting attorney Higa said that an eyewitness, Randolph Castro said he had seen the Duvals' SUV swerving, and other cars get out of their way about an hour before the accident.  

Castro added he saw the two sisters ''physically fighting within the car'' and as Castro tried to find out what was going on between them, the defendant Alexandria drove off of the place.

Higa also said another witness said he allegedly heard ''screaming coming from within the car'' and Alexandria repeatedly yelled about needing a psychiatrist.

The prosecutor later added, the defendant stopped the SUV and continued fighting with her sister before the SUV accelerated down the road, turned sharp due left and went over the cliff.  

After presenting the witness, Higa alleged that there were a high acceleration, a hard left turn, and no braking, and he claimed the crash was planned.

Twin sisters Alexandria and Anastasia doing Yoga together,
Source: Daily Mail

Duval was at the wheel when the tragic accident took place while her identical twin sister Anastasia was in the passenger seat. Anastasia was killed in the accident. However, Alexandria survived and was later arrested by the country police.

After the postmortem, it was found that 'long, loose blond hairs' were on both of Anastasia Duval's hands.

The defendant has opted to have a judge instead of a jury decide the case, and the judge is expected to reach a verdict this week.