Home Article Here are eight simple beauty tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Healthy, Fit, and Beautiful

Here are eight simple beauty tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Healthy, Fit, and Beautiful

Updated On 08 Jun, 2017 Published On 08 Jun, 2017
Here are eight simple beauty tips for Pregnant Women to Stay Healthy, Fit, and Beautiful

Here are eight simple beauty tips for pregnant women to stay Healthy, Fit, and Beautiful Here are eight simple beauty tips for pregnant women to stay Healthy, Fit, and Beautiful

Are you worried that you'll lose your beautiful body and pretty face once you get pregnant? Do you often wonder why you're not getting your pregnancy glow and scared of trying any beauty routines?

Well, don't be because changes during pregnancy are mostly for good and if you take extra care of your body and face, you'll be more beautiful than ever. 

So, ladies let's browse these eight simple yet effective beauty tips and hacks that are baby-safe and easy to pamper yourself.

1. Eat healthy                       

Eating right and healthy is one of the best tips to make yourself healthy inside out. You need to be pretty cautious about what to eat during this sensitive phase. For this, you can consult your nutritionist or doctor for a diet chart.

Source: Mom Junction

It's always best to eat fresh fruits and vegetables for healthy glowing skin. You should avoid junk foods that are too spicy or oily and eat foods that have high protein and fiber contents like fish, whole grain rice, potatoes, pulses and so on.

 2. Exercise

There's no harm in doing a light exercise while you're pregnant. Regular exercise helps in balancing the weight and lose extra weight. It also maintains blood pressure at the right level, increases the flexibility of body for a healthy delivery.

Source: Daily Yoga

If you don't have a habit of exercising, you can join maternity yoga classes or Lamaze classes that are designed particularly for pregnant women. 

You can also indulge yourself for safe sports like swimming, cycling, aerobics and Kegel exercises. 

3. Enhance your curves with right dressing

Once your baby bump starts to show, you might think of clearing out your closet for all those baggy, unclassy maternity clothes but that's not the case.

If you dress smartly, then you'll definitely rock the clothes you wear.

Source: Baby Center

The extra curves you gain during maternity will make you look more sexy and curvy. You can wear long tank tops with stretchy leggings or a maxi dress or long flowing skirt that'll make you look like a fashion diva. 

You can also accessorize yourself with scarfs or belts according to your belly size. The life-saving stretchy jeans will never go too old!

4. Make-Up

During pregnancy, your skin becomes dry and you start to have bags under your eyes. For this, you can use a chemical free moisturizer to avoid stretch marks and concealer to hide bags. 

It's best to ditch the nail polish as it contains potentially harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, and so on that can cause cancer and developmental disorders.

Source: Tumblr

You can skip dying hair, or use harsh shampoos. It's better to stick with a less-chemical free makeup routine. You can also make your own DIY stretch Mark cream using cocoa butter, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and Lavender essential oils. 

5. Get Enough Sleep

Getting tired all the time is one of the symptoms all mothers to experience. So to reduce fatigue and weakness, getting enough sleep and rest is very important. 

Sleeping enough will make you look fresh every day and rejuvenate your skin, refreshing your mood. 

Source: Mommy Docs

The best sleeping position during pregnancy is SOS (Sleep on Side). It's even better to sleep on your left side as it'll increase the amount of blood and nutrients flow to your baby.

6. Skincare

Skincare during pregnancy is really essential as due to hormonal changes some might suffer acne, dry skin and dark spots.

To prevent this you should following basic skin routines daily like cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection, acne treatment and makeup. 

All the products that you use must be baby-safe and chemical free. Your sunscreen should be of at least SPF 15 and to treat you acnes you can use products that contain glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and so on.

If you're having severe skin problems like eczema it's better to consult your dermatologist.

7. Balance you weight

The big misconception during pregnancy is that you should eat for two. Eating anything and everything without any diet plan would lead to obesity resulting in other complications like diabetes and liver diseases.

Source: Baby Club

So, it's best to check your weight weekly and maintain right weight and eat healthily.

8. Drink lots of water

To keep your body and skin hydrated, drink lots of water during the day. Water washes out all the bad things, toxins, and fats from the body.

Not only this, water helps to balance the right amount of amniotic fluid in your body. It's advised to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.  

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