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Know How To Translate Your Wedding Documents Well

Updated On 29 Apr, 2020 Published On 28 Apr, 2020
Know How To Translate Your Wedding Documents Well

The most common wedding document is a marriage certificate – as the name suggests, this is a legal document attesting that two people are married. It is necessary for different situations, such as when a wife takes her husband’s family name and needs to adapt her documents to the new name, while registering the birth of a child, when undergoing a divorce, when inheriting the belongings of a spouse, when applying for citizenship, social security, and so on.

Given how essential this document is, it is useful to have it translated when traveling abroad. This is especially true when permanently moving abroad or planning to stay for a longer period of time but also when traveling with the aim of carrying out specific actions that require extensive interaction with state or local authorities.

Things to Consider When Looking to Translate Wedding Documents

Some countries or municipalities can issue a marriage certificate in a local language or, alternatively, multiple language international extract listing the information contained in the document in as many as ten languages! While owners of such extracts might find that they don’t need a translation, the residents of most other countries would have to look for certified translators to achieve this. Along with the translation, the documents are often assured by a notary, so the client gets a legalized translation ready to be used.

Below we list a few basic considerations to take into account when translating wedding documents:

● Prioritize quality over price. Fortunately, legal documents are translated with greater care for details due to the major implications that mistakes can have. Even so, it makes sense to look for a reputable translation service with proper credentials. The primary reason is that you’ll have greater confidence that what you get isn’t flawed. Also, the amount of text typically contained in a marriage certificate or another wedding document is modest, so it doesn’t offer much room for saving. Yet when recruiting professional translators, you don’t have to worry; they don’t handle official stamps or other elements of a document correctly. Note that requirements for certified translators in many countries are fairly lax, so you want to make sure you don’t play dice.

● When you find a good translation service, save the contacts for later - you never know when they prove useful again. This is because nowadays, a translation service can work with a vast spectrum of documents in any imaginable format like physical documents, electronic text, audio, video, software. In fact, a provider of translation services might also be a localization services provider, which expands even further its capabilities. Such a provider would not only translate your content but would even adapt it to local markets and local communities (adjusting the cultural context, local realities, the local language) so that it can be virtually indistinguishable from locally created content.

● Note that, when using the marriage certificate abroad, apart from the legalized translation, you might also require an apostille. The apostille could be issued, for instance, by the court or local authority, depending on the country or jurisdiction. Find out whether the accompanying apostille certificate also requires translation.

Don’t forget that translation companies offer price cuts for returning clients. In addition, it often happens that people need translated copies of the same documents on several occasions. Providers of translation services save the translation files in their database in case they are needed again.

A signed marriage certificate between bride and groom.

Thus, if you happen to need such documents for another time, just mention that they were already translated, and you need a certified copy of them. For the translation company, it is simply the price of printing another copy, while you can get a considerable discount.

Final Thoughts

Having your wedding documents translated is a wise step if you’ll be spending lots of time in a given foreign country or if you plan to interact with authorities there over certain matters. Fortunately, this is convenient to achieve, as the document has a relatively simple format and minimal content.

Even so, don’t make compromises and look instead for a certified and credible translation service, so that you don’t have unpleasant surprises afterward. Check whether you need an apostille and its translation for the document to be valid in the target country.

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