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Hugh Hefner: Five Interesting Facts About The Late Founder of The Playboy

Updated On 10 Nov, 2020 Published On 02 May, 2018
Hugh Hefner: Five Interesting Facts About The Late Founder of The Playboy

Founder of the Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner had an honorable death. The businessman had an amazing life in his time but do you know some facts about the guy? Let's see some interest.

Former American businessman and founder of the Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner had an amazing life in his life. The businessman died in September died on September 27, 2017. Though he had dozens of girlfriends, he was married thrice in his life. 

Here, we will know some of the interesting facts about the businessman.

5.) He paid $1 million to live in Playboy mansion:

Hefner did not technically own the Playboy mansion. It belonged to Playboy Enterprises, which was leased to Hefner for $100 a year.

But in 2016, the estate's next-door neighbor bought the mansion for $100 million, so he had to pay $1 million a year to stay there because he did not want to leave that place.


Hugh Hefner in his Playboy mansion
Source: HollywoodReporter

Hefner said,

"When I got the Playboy Mansion I didn't leave the property for months, to shop or to go anywhere".

He loved that place so he did not want to leave it and was ready to pay that bill for living there.

4.) He Waited To Lose His Virginity Until Marriage But He Got Cheated By His First Wife: 

According to sources, Hefner told the Daily Mail that he saved himself for marriage. But when he was 22 after losing his virginity, his first wife, Mildred Williams revealed that she had cheated on Hefner when he was serving in the army. 


Hugh with his wife and children 

Hefner said,

 "That was the most devastating moment in my life"

The couple were married for ten years and had two children.

3. Hefner Donated Money To Prevent The Hollywood Sign From Being Demolished.

He helped save the Hollywood landmark twice. Yes, in the 1970s, he offered up to $27,000 at a charity to restore the letter "Y" in Hollywood sign. 


Hugh donated to save the Hollywood sign
Source: TechCrunch

Again in 2010, $900,000 was donated by Hefner to preserve the 138-acre tract of land surrounding the sign.

2.) A holder of Two Guinness World Records.

The guy who holds not one but two Guinness World Records. Hefner served as the longest editor-in-chief of a magazine which led him to put his name in the Guinness book.


Hugh holds two Guinness World Records
Source: Factinate

He had the world's largest collection of personal scrapbooks which led him to win the second Guinness World Records.

1.) The Beatle legend, John Lennon Almost Beaten Up By Hefner

It seems quite unbelievable. The late Beatle vocalist John Lennon was drinking heavily during a mid-1970s visit to the Playboy mansion when he suddenly put out a cigarette on a priceless painting by French impressionist painter.


John almost got beaten up
Source: Explore

Hefner was quite mad at the time the incident took place but everything was chilled out after a while. 

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