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Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dead at 91; Know About The Cause And His Personal Life

Updated On 10 Sep, 2018 Published On 10 Sep, 2018
Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dead at 91; Know About The Cause And His Personal Life

The founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner dies on Wednesday, 27th September 2017 from the natural causes.

''Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it'' and we all should accept it. 

At the age of 91, an American magazine publisher plus founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner passed away. He managed to live a remarkable life before he bid farewell to his loved ones.

Hugh Hefner Passed Away Aged 91

The editor in chief of Playboy magazine, who was born on 9th April 1926 in Chicago, Illinois as a first child to his parents, Grace Caroline and Glenn Lucius Hefner died on 27th September 2017, Wednesday from natural causes at his home.

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Hugh, who launched Playboy made his first publishment in 1953 featuring Marilyn Monore from her several nude calendar shoot. He became one of the game changers in the history of the magazine. Due to posting nude pictures, his magazine was refused to deliver and mentioned as a pornography.

In the playboy club.

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Despite such things, he made the magazine number one in today's context. His hard work and dedication took the magazine to the peak level where everyone would think about. Hugh was not limited to the magazine but also flourished to model agencies, clubs, penthouse, and many others. 

Hugh Hefner's Married Life

Regarding his personal life, Hefner was in multiple relationships in his past. He even admitted that he had slept with more than 1000 women but apart from that he remained faithful when he was married to his previous wife, Mildred Williams.

Hugh Hefner and Mildred Williams

Hugh with his first wife Mildred Williams
Source: Heard County Parks & Recreation

They even revealed that she herself allowed him to have sex with other women when they were together in a relationship. 

Hugh posing for a click
Source: Us Weekly

The father of two children, Christine and Davis again got married to her second wife, Kimberley Conrad after separating from his first wife in 1989. This time, he again became the father of two children, Marston Glenn, and Cooper Bradford.

Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conard

Hugh with his second wife, Kimberley Conrad and their children
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Among his four children, he gave the position of chief creative officer of the magazine to his son from second marriage Copper.

Most of the time Hugh gave the world a revolutionary change whether it is in his personal or professional life. This time, he got married at the age of 86 with Crystal Harris in 2012 who is much younger than him.

Hugh Hefner and Crystal

A picture from Crystal and Hugh's wedding
Source: People

Most of the people might criticize Hefner due to some of his unacceptable works but besides that, he also did some good works during his lifetime as he supported same-sex marriage and gay marriage. He even stated,

''a fight for all our rights. Without it, we will turn back the sexual revolution and return to an earlier, puritanical time.''

Hugh Hefner

The great legendary editor in chief
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His last tweet reads,

... Please join me in supporting ongoing relief efforts for all those affected by donating to One America Appeal.

— Hugh Hefner (@hughhefner) September 19, 2017

As of now, he is no more with us and the reason behind his death is the natural cause which was announced by Playboy Enterprises.

After his death, many have stated their world to him. Among them Playboy stated,

“Hugh M. Hefner, the American icon who in 1953 introduced the world to Playboy magazine and built the company into one of the most recognizable American global brands in history, peacefully passed away today from natural causes at his home, The Playboy Mansion, surrounded by loved ones.” 

American Icon and Playboy Founder, Hugh M. Hefner passed away today. He was 91. #RIPHef pic.twitter.com/tCLa2iNXa4

— Playboy (@Playboy) September 28, 2017

His son, Copper, the chief creative office also stated,

“My father lived an exceptional and impactful life as a media and cultural pioneer and a leading voice behind some of the most significant social and cultural movements of our time in advocating free speech, civil rights, and sexual freedom. He defined a lifestyle and ethos that lie at the heart of the Playboy brand, one of the most recognizable and enduring in history. He will be greatly missed by many, including his wife Crystal, my sister Christie and my brothers David and Marston, and all of us at Playboy Enterprises.”

Even Hugh is no more with us but his works have made him immortal in the history. May the soul rest in peace and our deepest condolences to his family. 

Hugh Hefner: Quick Facts

  • Born on 9th April 1926 in Chicago, Illinois.
  • His birth sign was Aries.
  • He was a Magazine publisher, First Amendment advocate, and founder of Playboy Enterprises.
  • He worked as a reporter for the United States Army's military newspaper in the late 1940s.
  • He earned a degree in psychology with a double minor in art and creative writing in less than three years.
  • He died on 27th September 2017.
  • His net worth was estimated to be $110 million.

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