Home Article Indra Petersons; most popular and gorgeous TV Meteorologist is happily married to Jake Wood: Happy couple: No divorce rumors

Indra Petersons; most popular and gorgeous TV Meteorologist is happily married to Jake Wood: Happy couple: No divorce rumors

Updated On 17 Mar, 2017 Published On 17 Mar, 2017
Indra Petersons; most popular and gorgeous TV Meteorologist is happily married to Jake Wood: Happy couple: No divorce rumors

Indra Petersons is married to Jake Wood, an army veteran and she is living a blissful marriage life with her husband. Happy couple: No children: Focused on career

Indra Peterson is one tough reporter as she literally withstood a blizzard straight into her face. But we are not saying that only because of her talent of withstanding the blizzard but also because of her reporting skills.

She is currently working on CNN as a meteorologist. She and her husband Jake Wood are living together for more than 4-years now and the couple may have decided to have children in the near future. 

Well, let's find out more about their relationship with one another.     

Jake and Indra-Compatible Couple

Indra is one of the most sought out female reporters around and there are a lot of male followings of Indra on her Instagram and Twitter account. 

Although, many of you do know about her marriage but if you don't know about then it may come as a bitter pill to swallow that Indra is a married woman.

Indra and Jake in Arizona Source: Instagram

She started dating Jake Wood in mid-2011 and they are together now for 6 years and counting. When they knew that they are compatible with each other, they moved in together.


Jake and Indra dancing at a ball event, Source: Instagram

At that time Jake established himself as a man who would help anyone who is in distress and danger.

The couple tied the knot on July 2013. The couple was very happy about it and both of them looks absolutely adorable.


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Jake is a very caring husband as he usually takes his wife to trips all around the world be it in Zanzibar or in Africa, there are very few places that the hot couple has not visited.

Children-Indra and Jake

If we look around all the photos that the couple uploads we can easily guess that the couple loves children.

Though they do not have any children of their own right now but they would definitely love to have them in near future.

Jake with his Goddaughter and Nephews

Both Indra and Jake will make a good pair of parents because the way they handle children.

Many of their fans would definitely love to see their beloved couple have children and we are eagerly waiting for the big day to come.


By far the best take.

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Jake Wood-A man of Honor

Although, many of you know about the couple's marriage but you may not know about the handsome hunk who is the husband of our beloved reporter.

Jake with Team Rubicon Source: 365 days of Courage

Jake Wood is an Army veteran who was formally a sniper in the US Army. He has gone to many missions and helped win many wars for our country.


Jake during his time with Army, Source: Jake Wood

Though he retired early but he is not wasting any time as he founded an NGO back in 2010 named Team Rubicon.

He currently serves as the CEO of the company.

After graduating as the topper of his class during his time in Sniper School, he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where he saved countless lives.

After coming back from the war he founded an NGO consisting of all the army veterans and its main work was to help people around the world in the time of crisis or natural disaster.

Jake is truly a man of honor and his wife Indra is really lucky to have him as his husband. Well, we wish that the couple stays happy forever, 

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