Home Article Is Actor Blake Michael dating right now? Choosing Career Over Having A Girlfriend? The Actor Was Previously Dating Essena O'Neill in 2015

Is Actor Blake Michael dating right now? Choosing Career Over Having A Girlfriend? The Actor Was Previously Dating Essena O'Neill in 2015

Updated On 21 May, 2018 Published On 21 May, 2018
Is Actor Blake Michael dating right now? Choosing Career Over Having A Girlfriend? The Actor Was Previously Dating Essena O'Neill in 2015

Blake Michael is an American actor best known for playing the role of Charlie Delgado in 'Lemonade Mouth'. This young dashing actor is currently single.

Blake Michael, the young American actor, best known for his performance in the Disney Channel film 'Lemonade Mouth' playing the character of Charlie Delgado, is a dashing up and coming star. His dating rumors tend to create curiosity amongst his fangirls.

Usually, when a good-looking young actor attains mainstream stardom, people tend to be intrigued by their personal life as much as their professional one. Blake is no different. His relationship status is often a topic for discussion in this social media age. So, is Blake Michael in a relationship? Has he had past affairs? Here's everything you need to know about the young actor's dating rumors. 

Is Blake Michael Single?

Good news for his fangirls - the answer is Yes! Blake Michael is indeed single and available. According to reliable sources, he is not dating anyone right now.

Perhaps he is more focused on his career rather than the hassle of a relationship. His fame and good looks mean he can wait as long as he pleases and he won't struggle to find the right girl anyway.


Blake Michael during the premiere showing of 'Lemonade Mouth'
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This talented young actor has no intention of getting married anytime soon either. His fans can expect him to wait a while before he starts dating. As for right now, he is 100% single. It goes without saying this is the opportunity for you all, ladies - the guy of your dreams is available. For how long remains to be seen.

Has Blake Michael Ever Been In A Relationship?

The young actor might be single right now, but he did date around 2015. He was in a relationship with an internet celebrity named Essena O'Neill, albeit, it was brief and only lasted two weeks. There are no concrete reasons as to why it ended so quickly, but it is believed that the Aussie model blamed Michael and fake Hollywood for the demise of their relationship.

Blake to this day has never spoken about this relationship. However, the friends of the girlfriend have claimed he was indeed dating their friend. It is widely reported that Michael and Essena met at a house party. The former girlfriend of the actor began hating the LA lifestyle that Michael grew up in. He seemed depressed for whatever reason and Essena found it hard to believe claiming it was a fake act.

The former love interest of this dashing actor eventually broke up with him because she found everything about Hollywood to be fake. Credit to Michael, however, as he never reacted to the outburst of the Australian model.

Blake Michael's Early Life and Career

Michael Blake was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Both his parents are American. From an early age, Michael gained an interest to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. There is no reliable information about his educational background. This could be because he got involved in acting related works and did not fancy knowledge gained from theories in school. Blake had an immense passion to become an actor and there was no looking back for him.


Blake Michael during Paris Photoshoot
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Blake began his career when he was merely 6 years old by performing a singing act. This was quickly followed by appearances in multiple commercials. However, his breakthrough arrived in 2010 when he landed the opportunity to play the role of Charlie Delgado in 'Lemonade Mouth'.

Moreover, he also featured as Tyler James in another Disney series named 'Dog with a Blog' for three years. Furthermore, he also featured in a movie 'I Killed My BFF' in 2015.

Quick Facts: Blake Michael


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  • He was born on July 31, 1996.
  • His zodiac sign is Leo.
  • He belongs to a Caucasian race.
  • His parents are Monique and Steven Michael.
  • He has a brother named Zach Michael.
  • He was a finalist in the 2013 Toronto Student Film Festival.
  • He was the winner of the Young Artist Award in 2013.
  • He has a net worth of $1 million.

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