Home Article Ari Lasso is happily Married Man and a proud Father too. Know about his Wife and Children here

Ari Lasso is happily Married Man and a proud Father too. Know about his Wife and Children here

Updated On 18 May, 2017 Published On 18 May, 2017
Ari Lasso is happily Married Man and a proud Father too. Know about his Wife and Children here

Indonesian singer Ari Lasso is happily married man, father of his daughter and has no affairs or divorce rumors.

Ari Lasso is a famous Indonesian musician best known as the former lead vocalist of Indonesian rock band, Dewa 9

The Sendiri Dulu singer, Lasso gathered a huge fan base with his outstanding singing skills and has collaborated with many hit musicians like Cinta Laura, Agnes Monica, Rossa, Slank and so on.

He's exclusive when it comes to singing and performing but he's remained under the radar when it comes to his personal life. What is he like in his private life? Is he Dating someone? Or Married?

If you guys are curious to know then scroll down.

Indonesian singer, Ari Lasso is happily married: A proud father       

It's without a doubt that Ari is popular among girls with his macho attitude and cute looks, so it's impossible for him to remain single for this long.

Indonesian singer Ari Lasso looking candid on camera, Source: MyChord-DA

The 44-year-old professional singer is a happily married man, who tied knots with his mysterious wife, back in 1990's. The personal details of his wife have not yet been revealed by the singer.

Furthermore, he's a proud father of his daughter named, Aurarvya born on March 12, 2017. The family of three lives happily without any news of divorce or extra affairs.


Im a proud dad Congratz Kak Ola @aurarvya #graduation #highschool

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The father-daughter duo recently celebrated Aurarvya's 18th birthday together. 


Lost in Hong Kong My daughter @aurarvya n her besties #street #hongkong #streetphoto #leicaq

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Ari Lasso rumored to be dating soap opera actress Ariel Tatum in 2012

It seems like Ari Lasso is pretty romantic!

The superstar of Indonesia, Ari Lasso was once rumored to be dating gorgeous Indonesian television actress, Ariel Tatum.

Ari Lasso with Indonesian actress Ariel Tatum, Source: Tabloid Bintang

The pair worked together while releasing their duet song Because I've Been With You, which not only topped the charts but also caused a stir in the media about them seeing each other. Here's a full video of the song. Enjoy watching!

The pair looked pretty close together in the video, which raised a lot of questions about their relationship. However, both of them neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, and it eventually faded away.

Know more about Ari Lasso

Born and raised in Madiun, East Java, Indonesia, Ari Lasso is one of the leading singers in Indonesian music industry. He is associated with the Indonesian rock band, Dewa 19 as a lead vocalist.

His popular songs such as, Sendiri Dulu (Alone for Now), Keseimbangan (Equality) Kulihat Kudengar dan Kurasakan (I See, I Hear, and I Feel), Selalu Ada (Always There), The Best of (2007) and Yang Terbaik (The Best) has made him one of the veteran singers.

Ari Lasso in a photo shoot, Source: arilasso.com

His mother, Sri Noerhida and father Bartholomeus B. Lasso were the ones who influenced him to pursue his singing career. So, after attending high school at SMA Negeri 2 Surabaya he went off to join Airlangga University and graduated taking Economics as major.

With his talent and exceptional singing skills, he got the chance to join the rock band Dewa 19 alongside, Andra Junaidi, Ahmad Dhani, Erwin Prasetya and Wawan Juniarson.


Kangen gak sih kleyan ???

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He released his debut album in 1993 which was entitled as the best album of the year by BSAF. Apart from his singing success, he also holds a dreadful history of drug abuse that led him thrown out from the band and getting bankrupt.

Ari Lasso singing in a concert, Source: arilasso.com

Nevertheless, he made his major comeback in 2003, after getting proper treatment and rehabilitation and started as a solo singer. The inspirational singer, Lasso even quit his 20-years of smoking habit in 2010.

Not only this, he's also associated with different charity organizations helping the children and others in need.

As for now, Ari is busy with launching his solo studio albums and judging the season 3 of The Voice Indonesia. 

All in all, we wish this brilliant singer a happy married life and a beautiful family with a life time of happiness and togetherness. For more information, keep following MarriedWiki.

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