Home Article Is Australian Actress Tabrett Bethell Dating? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Is Australian Actress Tabrett Bethell Dating? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Updated On 12 Mar, 2019 Published On 27 Jun, 2017
Is Australian Actress Tabrett Bethell Dating? Know about her Affairs and Relationships

Australian actress Tabrett Bethell rose to fame after playing the role of Cara Mason in the television series Legend of the Seeker. The diva is winning our hearts through her bold looks and amazing acting skills.

However, today let us discuss the personal affairs of the actress. Is Tabrett dating someone? Let us find out!!!!  

Current Relationship Status of Tabrett Bethell       

The 36-year-old actress is most probably single these days as no news of her dating or having a boyfriend has been heard.  

Well, we all know, she is quite secretive when it comes to her personal life which might also be the reason that we have not heard any rumors relating to her relationship status.   

Gorgeous Tabrett Bethell on a photo shoot.
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Well, it is quite hard to believe that the girl as gorgeous as she is still single. 

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Either Tabrett is actually not with someone or is hiding the truth from us. Whatever may be the reason we are eagerly waiting to see the love of her life.   



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Here is an interview of Tabrett Bethell and Jes Macallan on the set of Mistresses Season 4!

Moreover, she's busy in upgrading her career keeping all the personal stuff aside.

Quick Facts about Tabrett Bethell

  • Born on 13 May 1981 in Sydney, New South Wales.
  • There is an interesting story behind her name as her parents were so confused on what to name her while still in the hospital. Her father during his drive saw the name of a street in Sydney, Tabrett Street and finally got her the same name.
  • Initiated her professional life as a model and cheerleader.
  • Got training at Screenwise for 12 months in December 2007.
  • Starred as Amy in Campbell Graham's movie Anyone You Want and as Chris in Strangers Lovers Killers in the year 2010.
  • Performed in a television show 'Legend of the Seeker' which is based on Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series. She gains huge popularity with a gradual increase in the number of fans portraying the role of Cara Mason as a bisexual with Craig Horner, Bridget Regan, Bruce Spence, and Craig Parker.
  • Got a role in the Australian thriller The Clinic in November 2010.
  • Made her Bollywood debut as Victoria with the thriller movie Dhoom 3: Back in Action released on 20 December 2013. The movie became the highest-grossing Bollywood movie of all time in International markets.
  • Maintained her presence in Mistresses Season 2 Episode 6 as Kate in 2014.
  • Also performed in theater in Somewhere between the Sky and the Sea by Alex Broun as Stephanie in 2008 and Savage in Limbo in 2012.
  • Won the Manhattan Fil Festival's Best Actress Award for Anyone You Want as Amy.

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