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EasterEnder star Danny-Boy Hatchard Currently Single and Not Dating Anyone.

Updated On 13 Jun, 2019 Published On 07 May, 2017
EasterEnder star Danny-Boy Hatchard Currently Single and Not Dating Anyone.

EasterEnder star Danny-Boy Hatchard Currently Single and Not Dating Anyone. Know about his Girlfriend and affairs.

Danny-Boy Hatchard left the show EastEnders after three years but many of his fans are eager to see their favorite star back on screen.

He played the role of Whitney Dean's husband Lee Carter, a debt-ridden man who's always thinking about suicide as a way of solving all his problems.

But as he's a married man on-screen, many people are wondering if he's single or dating someone in real life or if he's gay.

Danny-Boy Hatchard Currently Single and Not Dating Anyone

Danny is always been tight-lipped about his personal life, can't say that for his pet though as his Twitter and Instagram feed is full of his dog Django's pictures.

Danny-Boy plays the role of ex-army Lee Carter, Source: Daily Mail

Yup, of all the things in the world he talks about his dog all day on his social media account. He was once spotted on a night dinner with his on-screen father Danny Dyer's daughter Dani Dyer.


Nice catch up with little @danidyerxx give her a follow people! #sisterfromanothermr

A post shared by Danny-Boy Hatchard (@1danboy) on

But for our surprise, he called Dani his sister from another mother. Well, looks like the 25-years-old British actor is hanging out with her to cool off his head after leaving the show EastEnders.

Many people even linked him with his on-screen wife played by Shona McGarty, but it was nothing but a hoax.

Dany with his on-screen wife Shona McGarty, Source: Daily Mail

Since then he's not linked with anyone and as for his current relationship status, well, good news for you ladies as your man is available.

Danny-Boy Hatchford rumored to be Gay

Now, you all know that this was coming right, but don't jump to conclusion yet as we just wanna clear the air. No one can make such a wild accusation on his sexual orientation.

Danny during This Morning event, Source: Daily Mail

Although, he's a big supporter of the LGBT community as he's been in various functions standing up for the community. 

His most recent appearance was in 2016 Pink Awards, held every year to honor all the celebs and politicians who help to make the world a better place for the community.

Danny attending the Pink Award

Well, to say he's gay without any proof is wrong. Danny is the one that can reveal if he's gay or straight, but until he says anything about the topic, we all should stay put and not make any speculations.

Know More about Danny-Boy Hatchford

  • Danny-Boy was born on 26th July 1991 in Newham, London, England, UK. He attended the Arts Educational School Londons and completed BA in 2013.

The talented and cute Danny, Source: Independent
  • He's best known for his role as Lee Carter on BBC One National Televisions Awards winning tv series EastEnders
  • He joined the show in 2014, but bid his farewell to the show recently in February 2017. It was an emotional rollercoaster for his fans as he said goodbye to the show.
  • Currently, he's trying his hand on some TV series on the ABC or Netflix
  • He states that his favorite movie of all time is The Shawshank Redemption.


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