The popular British entrepreneur, Sara Murray who is at the age of 45 has been named one of the Fortune magazine's 'Ten Most Promising Women Entrepreneurs 2014' for her creation of 'Buddi' is a happily married woman with a loving husband and a 6-year-old daughter.

There have not been any cases of Sara Murray, often referred to as Mrs. Murray, being involved in any kinds of affairs or boyfriend scandals. Sources supposedly claim that she is married to her husband, whom she might have dated for a long time. Similarly, the couple also has a beautiful daughter.

Entrepreneur Sara Murray's Married Life and Children

Even though Sara's professional life has always been a highlight in the business headlines she is quite private when to comes to her personal life. 

However, sources supposedly claim that she is a happily married woman with a loving and supporting husband.

Moreover, Sara has been engaged since a long time with her husband and there has not been any news about her getting a divorce or having an affair with other men. She now resides in London with her family and spends quality time with them.

Interestingly, she is also a qualified helicopter pilot and a member of the development council of the National Portrait Gallery. When she is not flying a helicopter, she spends most of her time with her daughter.

Sara Murray as an Entrepreneur

Sara Murray is a popular serial technology entrepreneur. She founded a number of companies including 'Ninah Consulting' and 'Inspop', which owns the brand

Sara then founded and now runs Buddi, which provides technology for remote health and location monitoring of people.

Sara is an  "Entrepreneur of the Year" award winner and also sits on the Government’s Technology Strategy Board and Vince Cable’s Entrepreneurs’ Forum.

On 16th March 2011, Sara Murray talked about how her professional life walked a milestone of success. Here is a video of her presentation on an event "Mothers of Inventions".

Sara's daughter became her biggest inspiration

The major reason behind developing the Buddi device is because of her 6-year old daughter. She once lost her daughter in a supermarket in the year 2005 and could not find her for some time.

Later, she found her wandering in the supermarket alone. She claims that the experience was a heart-stopping moment and quickly thought that there could be a solution.

Eventually, she came up with the most advanced GPS technology and tracking device, which was designed especially to track the mentally disabled patients in the hospitals and likewise to keep track of family members and named it "Buddi".

Later, she was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for services to Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2012.

Murray's Career

Sara Murray is a dynamic businesswoman and entrepreneur who revolutionized the insurance business with her user-friendly price comparison website

She has created Buddi - 'a mobile personal alarm and alert system with huge potential for the security, elderly and health industries'.

Her project Buddi is now working with over 100 UK local authorities and NHS Trusts and also has contracts in the US.


The rapid growth of the company means that  Murray has a very busy schedule. She’s up by 7am, then spends the day on the road seeing potential investors, catching up with partners or going to conferences.


On an interview with The Huffington's Post, she told that she is very bad at balancing her work life and personal life. Her weekends are the time she catches up on the work that she didn't

Her weekends are the time she catches up on the work that she didn't finish during the week. She also complains of not having enough time to give to her family.

finally, she concludes that she is okay with this as it's what she loves to do.

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