Home Article Is Giselle Lynette Bisexual? Know Her Affair & Dating Life

Is Giselle Lynette Bisexual? Know Her Affair & Dating Life

Published On 19 Dec, 2019
Is Giselle Lynette Bisexual? Know Her Affair & Dating Life

Rumors have been circulating that the curvy beauty Giselle Lynette, who prefers to remain lowkey about her sexual preference is actually a bisexual woman. Could that be true? Lynette is yet to address the speculations, but is she dating anyone?

To break the good news for the Giselle Lynette fans out there, she is currently single. As a matter of fact, no link with a girlfriend or a boyfriend has been known publicized to date yet. However, if there happen to be any Dominican male fans, you might stand a chance with the Puerto Rican beauty though.

Giselle Lynette Prefers Dominican Men Over Puerto Rican Men

For all the people who follow the young stunner on Instagram, now you can get more updates or even get to know more about Giselle through her YouTube channel. Lynette recently decided to join the video streaming application in September this year, as of 2019.

Needless to say, Lynette claims in a Q&A video, that surpassed over 30 thousand views, that was done alongside her best friend that she prefers Dominican guys over Puerto Rican. Lynette, however, meant no offense to the men of the other ethnic group.

On the other side, as it's cleared out Giselle Lynette appears to be in no relationship, things look much brighter as bigger things await for the Instagram model in 2020. 

Releasing A Giselle Lynette 2020 Spicy Calender

The social media influencer rose to fame with the help of Instagram where her followers count to more than 3 million she achieved with just an average post of 400. Not to mention, Lynette's mesmerizing pictures aggregately earn 100k likes and 1000 comments.

Giselle Lynette's 2020 Spicy Calendar is available to purchase for $30. SOURCE: Giselle Lynette Instagram

Capitalizing her Instagram fame to a next level, Lynette planned to release a calendar for 2020 named Giselle Lynette Spicy 2020 which is already available to purchase at the rate of $30 on her website.

Well, the price might be a little big for some but it's because the calendar consists of never before seen exclusively wondrous twelve pictures of the influencer which are featured with her handwritten signature.

Does Giselle Lynette Use OnlyFans?

Meanwhile, fans have been curious to know whether Lynette uses the service of OnlyFans, a new digital socializing application that has been highly used for the sales and purchase of intimate content between two parties especially among internet celebrities and their fans.

Giselle Lynette might consider using OnlyFans. SOURCE: Giselle Lynette Instagram

Lynette, who is often labeled in the likeness of fellow influencers such as Becky Crocker, Taya Christian, Suzy Cortez, and Alejandra Mercedes, however, doesn't use OnlyFans, thus far. The influencer, however, might consider joining the community in the future though.

Additionally, as Giselle is highly popular for her tempting content, some of the fans wanted to know if she would ever join the adult entertainment industry. Well, nope, Lynette has no interest in doing any adult content activities in the future.

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