We all know Grady Powell, the winner of the prestigious award with the title ‘Green Beret’. Powell a well-known adventurous guy who has been living his passion in Alaska. Powell was also known as the youngest soldiers among all the soldiers. 

And we all might wonder that well known Powell with his unique passion might also be involved in a relationship. Powell has been publicly in relation recently with girlfriend Megm Meyer. Today in this section let us discuss whether the couple is about to marry or they have married already!!!

Is Grady Powell Married Or Dating Someone? 

Powell faced an issue when he was rumored that he is gay just because he was seen together with his shows partner Josh James in the series Dual Survival

The media raised a lot of questions about this topic but then afterward the media was quiet when everyone knew that Powell and James have their own family aside. 

Grady was once linked with Kristi aka Kriss Anne, his previous girlfriend but the duo split soon after dating few months



But then now looking into his social media post where he is very active into it he has posted few photos with her new girlfriend Megm Meyer.


The perfect kind of weirdo. Love you @megmmeyer. Bigger than mountains.

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The duo seems picture perfect couple in each of their Instagram posts. Just have a look at the adorable pair.

Here's the pair fishing together!


The best part about fishing, is getting @megmmeyer on a chunky colorado rainbow!

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These couple is getting into a deep love and going tour together to spend their precious time together. Romantic right!!! 

How Grady Powell Started His Career? 

Powell has begun his career in an interesting way where he participated as an Army in US Army forces and also he was awarded the eminent award titled “Green Beret” in 2009. 

Powell was one of the youngest soldiers among everyone. After then he left the job in Army and bag packed to Portugal with a one-way ticket and he stayed there for few months where he started his career when he traveled different place in Portugal.

  And he also visited numerous places where he collected many ideas and he went to Portuguese Cell Service Provider’s television commercial since that day he blossomed his career. 


Golfing at the number one course in Canada. Got a little hobbity... can't wait to play there again @fairmontwhistlr

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And he was also proposed for the work in Metal Flowers Media to involve in Mark Burnett and Dick Wolff’s NBC production Stars Earn Stripes (2012). 

Quick Facts of Grady Powell

Grady Powell handsome, source: wiki Networth.
  • He was born on 5th September 1987
  • He was raised in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • He dropped his full ride scholarship to the University of Missouri, Columbia in 2007
  • His father was Vietnam Green Beret
  • His Grandfather was also involved in serving in Military and fought a second world war.
  • His height is 6’2” (1.89m)
  • He was out of one of the big accident when he was small and that was he has swept away in Riptide in gulf shores where his brother saved him from that.
  • He is a Virgo.



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