Home Article Is 'Her Stroy' star Jen Richards Married or Dating someone? See the Personal Affairs of the Transgender Actress

Is 'Her Stroy' star Jen Richards Married or Dating someone? See the Personal Affairs of the Transgender Actress

Updated On 14 Jun, 2017 Published On 14 Jun, 2017
Is 'Her Stroy' star Jen Richards Married or Dating someone? See the Personal Affairs of the Transgender Actress

'Her Stroy' star Jen Richards is not Married or Dating someone, still single and busy with her career.

Jen Richards is one of the inspirational transgender actress and writer, famous for her 2016's Emmy-nominated web series, Her Story.

She's a not just an ordinary transgender, but a leading and popular one, who's been raising awareness all over the world about LGBT rights and their equality. The Co-founder and Director of

The Co-founder and Director of The Trans 100( an organization supporting the transgender communities), is grabbing success with every step and gaining media spotlight.

The bold and beautiful Jen is pretty exclusive about her private life and now we want to know if she's dating someone or still single. So, without further ado, let's find out all the details about her. Scroll down!  

Her Story actress Jen Richards is still single, but her Instagram tells a different story

Jen who also appeared in one of the episodes of the popular transgender reality star, Caitlyn Jenner's show, I Am Cait is still single. She's not made any announcements about her dating anyone or getting engaged to her mysterious boyfriend.

 Jen Richards in her interview, Source: YouTube

The Co-producer of the upcoming documentary/series entitled More Than T, Jen Richards is super busy in her career and it seems she's not interested in dating anyone right now. 


#Out100 @theadvocatemag photo by @ryanpfluger @outmagazine

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In an interview with LA Times, the 37-year-old actress talked about her character in the series Her Story explaining why it was necessary to show the experiences a transgender women faces while dating or having a relationship. She stated,

"I had never seen relationships between trans women and cisgender women depicted. I had never seen friendship between two trans women -- much less a black woman and a white woman -- or the issues of a trans woman who passes or issues with disclosure and what it’s like to date."

"I hadn’t seen any of this reflected, but it was my lived reality. Crafting the script was more about fidelity to the truth of Angelica and my experience and wanting to keep it as authentic as possible."

The series stars Jen Richards herself and transgender actress Angelica Ross, written by Jen and Laura Zak and directed by Sydney Freeland.

 Jen Richards and Laura Zak, writer and producer of Her Story, Source: YouTube

Coming back to Jen's personal life, recently she posted a picture of her kissing someone in Instagram. It didn't look like a friendly kiss and both had their lips locked. 



A post shared by Jen Richards (@smartassjen) on

Not only this, she was also spotted hanging out with a guy named Jeffrey Chapman at Waimea Falls and she captioned the photo saying, "With my island boyfriend* @jeffreybchapman at Waimea Falls" 


With my island boyfriend* @jeffreybchapman at Waimea Falls. (*on loan from @andrewfitzsimons)

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 So, does this mean she's dating both of them? We guess not and they could be her friends. What do you think? Don't forget to leave us comments right below.

Quick facts about Jen Richards

Source: GettyImages
  • Born and raised in Mississipi, Jen Richards is a famous writer, actress, and consultant and advocate, famous for her Emmy-nominated and Gotham Award-winning series Her Story.
  • She attended Oxford University and received her BA in Philosophy from Shimer College.
  • From 2008 to  2013 she served as the Managing Director of the multiple Grammy Award-winning contemporary classical music ensemble eighth blackbird.
  • She has also served as President of New Music Chicago and was the Central District Director for the Theosophical Society in America and National Coordinator for the Young Theosophists movement.
  • She's co-founder of many websites supporting transgenders and LGBT community including The Trans 100, We Happy Trans, Trans Dating and Trans-Love Stories.
  • She's published essays and articles on multiple platforms and wrote 2015's cover story What Trans Movement for The Advocate. 

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