Home Article BBC One's Justin Webb is happily Married: Meet his Wife and Children here

BBC One's Justin Webb is happily Married: Meet his Wife and Children here

Updated On 07 Aug, 2017 Published On 07 Aug, 2017
BBC One's Justin Webb is happily Married: Meet his Wife and Children here

Justin Webb married his long time girlfriend, Sarah Gordon back in the 2000s, shares three children together, happy family.

Dedicating more than three decades of his life in BBC news industry, this journalist has established himself as one of the prominent reporters in entire news domain.

From a graduate trainee radio journalist to hosting BBC One's Breakfast news, this reporter has covered major news all across the globe and he's the talented BBC's reporter, Justin Webb.

This humble man always credits his success and fame to his wonderful children and loving wife, Sarah Gordon. He's been happily married for a long time without any rumors of divorce or extra affairs.

BBC Journalist Justin Webb is happily Married, Meet his Wife and Children

Justin Webb married his long time girlfriend, Sarah Gordon back in the 2000s.

They shared a low-key wedding without any buzz in the media. After working for BBC in London, he got an opportunity to work in the United States as the BBC's chief Washington correspondent.

Sarah with her twin daughters, son Sam and husband Steve Webb, Source: Pinterest

He moved there in 2001, away from his wife and children and worked there for eight years. Despite the long distance, the couple didn't face any ups and downs in their marriage and continued loving and supporting each other.

Sarah Gordon and husband Justin with kids, Source: GettyImages

He returned back in London, and replace journalist, Edward Stourton as lead host on the Today program.

Sarah and Justin share three wonderful children, eldest daughter Martha Gordon Webb, son Sam Gordon Webb and daughter Clara Gordon Webb.

Justin Webb with his children, Source: DailyMail

Just last year in July, his 10-year-old son, Sam was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. The entire family was devastated by the news about their then nine-year-old suffering from a miserable and irreversible auto immune disease.

Speaking with DailyMail, the reporter stated,

"I had only taken Sam for a check-up because of his unusual behavior that week — wetting the bed several nights running and a constant thirst. But the diagnosis shocked us all"

Now, Sam has to take insulin shots and check his blood sugar levels every day, at school and at work.

 BBC's Justin Webb and his son Sam, diagnosed as a nine-year-old with Type 1 diabetes in America

Despite everything, Sam is doing better day by day and Justin with his wife Sarah, take care of him so well. 

Sam also joins his father in different events, taking about his disease like in one event at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, where he got to meet Duchess of Cornwall.

Quick Facts about Justin Webb

  • Born and raised in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, Justin Webb is one of the veteran reporters presenting the Today program.
  • He didn't know about his real father until in 2011 when he came to know that his natural father was Peter Wood, a former BBC news reader.
  • He grew up in Bath as a sole son.
  • Attended Sidcot School in Somerset and later graduated from London School of Economics.
  • He started his career as editor of student newspaper The Beaver.
  • Later he got to train for BBC Radio Ulster and became a reporter for BBC Radio 4's Today program.
  • He has reported Gulf war, the war in Bosnia, democratic elections in South Africa, end of Soviet Union, global recession and much more.
  • Worked as a presenter on BBC One's Breakfast News for five years and later moved to the US serving as BBC's Chief Washington correspondent.
  • He returned to the UK in 2009 and presents Today program in BBC.
  • He earns more than $490 thousand annually and his net worth is estimated to be $2 million.
  • He now lives in Camberwell in a house which he inherited from his mother Gloria in Bath, Somerset. 

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