Home Article Liberte Chan's mysterious Dating life after Divorcing first Husband: Also see her Career and Net worth here

Liberte Chan's mysterious Dating life after Divorcing first Husband: Also see her Career and Net worth here

Updated On 25 Aug, 2017 Published On 25 Aug, 2017
Liberte Chan's mysterious Dating life after Divorcing first Husband: Also see her Career and Net worth here

Know the current relationship status of Liberte Chan. Is she single or dating someone??Get yourself feed up knowing about her career and net worth.

"Today's weather will be so lovable and warm", possibly you may have known, today we are here to out frame the details about weather anchor and reporter Liberte Chan.

If you are a fan of this diva and wants to know all about her personal affairs including married life and husband than shay with us!!!!!! 

Liberte Chan; Dating Life and Boyfriend                                                              

Liberte likes to keep herself away from publicity and loves to enjoy her personal life in privacy which is why she has made difficult for us to know about her personal affairs.   

Succeeding in keeping the dating profile away from media, Chan's revealed boyfriend is Brian Chase, an American actor who later became her Husband.

Liberte Chan and her husband Brian Chase; source: wiki celeb info

Such a secret revelation, astonishing isn't it?? Of course, but the question doesn't end here, are the duos still enjoying the married life ??

Marriage status of Liberte and Chase

Chan and Chase started dating a long time ago. But after the revelation of their relationship, they married in mid-2012, in Greystone Mansion's garden.

The couple looked so well together and seemed to be in deep-love.

Happy moment of Chan and Chase; Source: Wiki Bio Salary

But, the unpredictable future had to tell more as a few years later of marriage, Chan and Chase decided to divorce.

Does it end here without a reason, no!! wait, there is more!

Reason of Divorce of Chan and Chase

Well, there is no clear information about the part story of the duo. But, it is rumored that Liberte once found Brian without a wedding ring on his hands that led to a divorce.

However, the reality is still a mystery!!

Gorgeous Liberte Chan; source: Allstar bio

Now, you might be curious......What is Chan doing after divorce?? Is she still single or is dating someone?? Let's find out.

Is Liberte Chan still single or dating someone? Know here

Give a calm to your excitement. As reported, Chan is still single after her divorce, there are neither rumors that she is a relationship or she is dating anyone.

However, she might be in a secret relationship as Chan refuses to disclose her personal affair to the public. Let's see what the time has to tell about it.

For now, Chan is enjoying her single life and is focused in her career.

Career of Liberte Chan

Liberte worked as a news writer in KTLA for 3 years from 2003 to 2005. Then she joined KCOY in 2006 and also served as a reporter and morning anchor at KMIR 6 News Channel between 2008 to 2010.

Worked as General Assignment Reporter in KKFX, Liberte later in 2010 returned in KTLA and now works for KTLA.

Liberte who keeps up her privacy far from publicity, how much she earns? Surely, you are willing to know, right?

Now, let's know about it too.

Net Worth of Liberte Chan

Liberte Chan as a popular weather forecaster is considered so good enough to earn a lot.

Chan's estimated salary is guessed to be around $500,000 which leads her net worth to be around $3 million USD. The financial way of Liberte is her good play in her professional life. 

Quick facts about Liberte Chan

Source: Life of Liberte
  • Liberte Chan is of the mixed ethnicity of Caucasian father and Chinese mother.
  • Chan graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism.
  • Liberte got her Masters degree in Health and Communications Track from the University of Southern California.
  • Chan is a dog-person and owns a yellow Labrador dog named Shanti.
  • Chan being health conscious spends about 6 days a week spinning and practicing Yoga.

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