Home Article Is Macy Gray Dating Anyone After Divorce From First Husband Tracey Hinds Decades Ago?

Is Macy Gray Dating Anyone After Divorce From First Husband Tracey Hinds Decades Ago?

Updated On 25 Aug, 2021 Published On 03 Dec, 2019
Is Macy Gray Dating Anyone After Divorce From First Husband Tracey Hinds Decades Ago?

Not even less than three years of being married, Macy Gray split from her husband, whilst she was pregnant with her third child.

Macy Gray's Short-Lived Marriage

Grammy-Award-winning singer Macy Gray who is famously perceived for her husky voice was once a married lady. Unfortunately, that marriage didn't last forever, not even three years, precisely.

And, the reason behind the separation is believed to be the decision Gray and her then-boyfriend did to get married as a young and reckless couple. Matter of fact, Gray and her former husband, Tracey Hinds, a mortgage broker, married promptly after they began dating.

Macy Gray alongside her son. SOURCE: IMDb

The beginning of their relationship looked beautiful for the love birds who were crazily in love, but the real-life problems only started to appear when they became parents. And, to the public knowledge, Gray and Hinds couldn't face the issues well.

According to the records, the former couple tied the knot in March 1996. And, as parents together, they became parents to three children with the first two being born in the same year.

Gray & Hinds Shares Three Children

More accurately, Macy and Tracey are parents to the eldest daughter, Aanisah Hinds, born in 1994 and the middle child, a son named Tahmel Hinds who was born the same year too. Their youngest child includes Happy Hinds, Macy welcomed in 1994. And, for the record, she never wanted children.

Macy Gray with her children; Aanisah, Happy and Tahmel. SOURCE: Getty Images

The mother of three's relationship with her baby daddy only hit rock bottom when she was pregnant with their youngest child. And, after their divorce was settled, Macy then moved to her mother's house. She didn't want to, but what choice did she have as a helpless pregnant woman with two toddlers.

On the bright side, God bless the split and the pain that caused Macy, on what gave her the motive to write her first and biggest selling album aka On How Life Is which has a huge impact from Tracey and their relationship.

Gray & Her Children Are Contactless With Hinds

Fast forward today, it's been more than two decades but things are still bitter between the R&B singer and her estranged husband. Matter of fact, as revealed by Macy herself in an interview, the singer and her kids are out of touch from Hinds.

Not to mention, the last time, her children talked to their father was more than five years ago. And, their divorce left such a huge scar that the two are still yet to sort out some issues.

Macy Gray resides in LA with her children. SOURCE: Getty Images

But, big props to Miss Gray for raising three kids as an independent woman and a single mother. The musician who claims she is strict when she needs to be with her kids resides in Los Angeles.

Whilst what happened to Tracey thereafter is not known, the single mother who didn't marry again, not yet, enjoys a successful life with her family to the fullest.

Macy Gray calls for New American Flag

While Macy Gray lives a safe and sound life with her kids, the singer is definitely often the attention of the controversial limelight. Speaking of which, Gray attracted attention when she called for a new American Flag in July 2021.

Following the US Capitol attack, the Sweet Baby singer wrote for Market Watch where she expressed that the specific code for the American Flag has been lost. Further, Gray called that the nation needed a flag replacement.

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