If you are a regular viewer of Chicago P.D. than you must be familiar with Officer Kim Burgess, the role portrayed by the beautiful actress Marina Squerciati.

Well, the actress is expecting her first child and she is due in April. We are very excited for her but also curious to know about the father.       

Marina pregnant with her first child

The beautiful actress took the help of Instagram to announce her pregnancy to the world.

On February 15 just after a day of Valentine, she posted her picture on Instagram flaunting her baby bump along with the stroller.

The 32-year-old beauty will welcome her first baby on this April. It seems like she tried not to reveal his pregnancy but she couldn't stop herself from sharing the good news as she surprisingly announced her pregnancy news.

However, she hasn't revealed the father of her child. She lives a very mysterious life and no one knows she is married or not. 

The father could be her husband or a boyfriend.  After a week of announcing pregnancy news, she again shared her baby bump picture with a friend and believe us it looks really cute.

Rumored to be dating co-actor Patrick John Flueger

Marina has been linked up with her Chicago P.D. co-star Patrick John, time and often, however, the pair hasn't confirmed their relationship as they both prefer one another a very good of friends.

The duo first met on the set of Chicago P.D. in 2014. Well, we cannot blame anyone for linking them just have a look at them they look so gorgeous together. 

Marina is leaving Chicago P.D. because of her pregnancy

A shocking news for all the fans of Chicago P.D., as you will not be able to see your favorite character Kim Burgess in this season. 

She said a temporary goodbye in Wednesday's episode, titled "last Minute Resistance", her character was ended by showing her as taking leave from a job as her sister was sexually assaulted and she needs Kim's support.

However, in real-life she is pregnant and she needs a maternity leave.

In an interview with TV Guide when she was asked about her comeback in next season, she replied,

"Currently that's it for me. It all depends on when I give birth. I'm going to go on maternity leave until I pop. But that's it for me for right now, and then hopefully in Season 5."

At last, we want to congratulate Marina for her pregannacy and we wish she would deliver a healthy baby which brings more joy in her life.