Home Article Is Meghan McCarthy Married? Who is her Husband? All Details here

Is Meghan McCarthy Married? Who is her Husband? All Details here

Updated On 26 Jul, 2022 Published On 26 Jul, 2022
Is Meghan McCarthy Married? Who is her Husband? All Details here

Congratulations to Meghan McCarthy as she said Yes to Kameron Kennedy's proposal. Let's see the relationship status of an American lyricist and creative executive known for working in the films like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Meghan McCarthy, an American screenwriter and film producer, had provided her voice-over artistry in the videos on Vine. She had gathered huge followers on the app until it officially closed in 2017. She voiced a young pre-pubescent child but wit and humor of a fully grown adult.

McCarthy started a career in the showbiz industry, appearing in her family's business advertisement. The blonde hair has been enlisted to win several accolades, including the 2018 Comedy Movie Star and the Best actress. What's her relationship status?? Let's know all about her affairs in detail!!

Meghan McCarthy's engaged to Kameron Kennedy

Meghan, the charming diva, decided to dissolve their partnership since she wasn't feeling good. Soon, she started dating Kameron Kennedy in 2017. Kameron is a Sushi Chef and a Cook at Hollywood.

Meghan McCarthy and Kameron Kennedy got engaged in 2021a. SOURCE: Instagram(@meghanwmccarthy)

The lovebirds enjoy every aspect of their new relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend. Their romance was secret for some time, but they couldn't escape from the paparazzi and are now spotted several times during the events.

Talking about the native of Rhode Island's relationship with Kameron, she's officially engaged. The happy producer took the wonderful news to Instagram to share with her  608k followers.

Meghan McCarthy and Kameron Kennedy have been dating since 2017. SOURCE: Instagram(@meghanwmccarthy)

"Getting weird together forever," she captioned the IG post with several pictures of him getting down on his knees to propose to her on November 17, 2021, at Atlanta Botanical Garden. 

To add up, McCarthy likes to keep the details of her past romantic life quite secret. Previously, Meghan started dating Joey Ahern, a popular vine maker, in 2014 for a while. Fans saw the clear love between them and enjoyed the company of one another, but sadly they drifted apart in 2016.

What Does Meghan McCarthy Do?

Meghan McCarthy has a decent career playing and worked as a creative executive on Hasbro's animated television relaunch of 'My Little Pony: Friendship was Magic in 2010. McCarthy did a voice-over for the world-famous two-wheeler company, Honda.

Watch the video of Meghan McCarthy during the interview.

Apart from her voice acting, Megan is popular for her performance in Class of Fish Hooks and Class of 3000. Also, she worked as an actress in advertisements for big companies such as Burger King, Tic Tac and Coca-Cola.

Not to mention, McCarthy is still an active person in the creative entertainment world. During her free time, she prefers to exercise regularly. As of now, Meghan and Kameron aren't rushing themselves down the aisle.

Meghan McCarthy with her partner Kameron Kennedy. SOURCE: Instagram(@meghanwmccarthy)

As of 2022, Meghan has been keen to share vlogs about her personal life with her fiance on her self-titled YouTube channel, which surpassed 2.07 million. Like many creators, Meghan hit all over the internet in a short time.

Through her hard work and determination, McCarthy succeeded in the video-sharing app. Also, she shared the screen alongside Anna Akana, Arden Cho and Hartley Sawyer in the TV series Miss 2059. Her energetic acting and happiness to make others laugh made her more famous.

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