Home Article Is Niykee Heaton Dating? Know about her boyfriend.

Is Niykee Heaton Dating? Know about her boyfriend.

Updated On 25 Dec, 2016 Published On 25 Dec, 2016
Is Niykee Heaton Dating? Know about her boyfriend.

Niykee Heaton is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and model. She was discovered through her YouTube channel after uploading acoustic guitar covers of contemporary hits and hiphop songs.

The super hot and sensual American singer and model Niykee Heaton, with her sexy vocals and powerful lyrics, has blown up the minds of her fans and has also won the hearts of millions.

The Chicago native Niykee has arrived with her debut EP Bad Intentions and she is all over the media now. Her nude pictures on social media would surely change the perspective but this powerpack girl is more than what just meets the eye.

Although she seems exclusive on screen, her personal life and relationships have remained a mystery yet to be solved. Is she dating anyone or still single? Let's find out.

Is popular singer Niykee Dating anyone?

According to sources, Niykee Heaton is currently single and is not dating anyone. Although she has been linked with some of the rappers, those are just a baseless rumors without any evidence.

As for now, Niykee is crazy busy writing her own music and publishing her debut album 'Bad Intentions'. The super talented singer and model is ambitious about changing the world through music. 

On an interview with HypeEffect, Niykee explained why she does not want to just write music but create a masterpiece. She said:

“I don’t want to rush it. I want it to be an actual masterpiece…I want my first album to be legendary…I just want to be proud of my work 20 years from now so that when I have my children,"

"I can still play them these songs and they’ll know them because they’re legendary hits and they’re songs that they’re proud of and I’m proud of."

She further added:

“It’s just a matter of making good music and not just corny pop bullshit that is fed to modern society and is literally shoved down their throat and they have to accept it. I just want to make shit that’s gonna change the world and that’s gonna be around forever. 

Rumors of Niykee Heaton and Rapper Trinidad James dating

Lately, rumors of singer Niykee and Trinidad James dating each other is swirling up the media as sources reported that the pair was spotted getting closer sharing initmate moments with each other.

However, the 19-year-old singer has clarified that the rumors are completely false and both of them are just good friends. Here's a video of Niykee Heaton adressing Trinidad dating rumors.

She also further explained when she was asked what kind of guys she likes. She answered in the most unpredictable way stating that she does not believe in a particular type of guy as its only about connecting with someone. 

Well, we wish her all the best to find her perfect match and live happily ever after with him. 

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