Home Article OAN Reporter Kaushal Patel is living a blissful family life with boyfriend Ryan Silva: Couple might get married soon

OAN Reporter Kaushal Patel is living a blissful family life with boyfriend Ryan Silva: Couple might get married soon

Updated On 06 Mar, 2017 Published On 06 Mar, 2017
OAN Reporter Kaushal Patel is living a blissful family life with boyfriend Ryan Silva: Couple might get married soon

Kaushal Patel is an American award winning journalist and she is currently working for the OAN Network. Find out more about her relationship.

Kaushal Patel is one of the talented journalists in our country and she is making a name for herself in the journalism field. She has numerous fans all across the country.

She likes to keep her personal life at bay from all media, even though she is also a big part of the media. Many of her fans would like to know more about her personal life and if she has a boyfriend or not.

Today, Married Wiki is bringing you all that you want to know about Kaushal.

Current Relationship Status         

Well, this may come as a surprise to many of you but she is in a blissful relationship with someone and yes it is a man. 

We say this because there were various questions raised on her sexuality but let us remove that big misunderstanding.

Ryan and Kaushal, Source: Facebook

Many questions were raised regarding her sexual orientation and if she is a lesbian or not, and it is pretty obvious in this day and age and on top of that she usually uploads a picture with many of her colleagues. 


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And the grand prize goes to me!!! More Silver Oak please!

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But that is all wrong because she is in a relationship and she has been in for more than 5-years now. 

One can say that it's virtually impossible to hide a relationship especially when you are a reporter but Kaushal has done a mastery on hiding something.

Ryan and Kaushal-Best Christmas Wishes, Source: Facebook

They first met on a bus in 2011 when they were attending a party with one of their friends and they got introduced to one another by a mutual friend.

The name of her boyfriend is Ryan Silva, who is a very big entrepreneur and has featured in some of the most coveted magazines in the country. 

The couple is very happy together and their dream is to become one of the most talked about couples in the country.

Ryan Silva- Kickass Entrepreneur, Source: Facebook

Since then the couple has been together and it looks like that they live together in San Diego, California and they have one more person living with them.

Now you maybe guessing that it must be a dog but it looks like that they are also taking care of a child with them. As if her relationship news was not enough, a child between them is a big shocker as well.

Ryan and Kaushal enjoying the sun with a Mascot, Source: Facebook

But judging by the careful research that we did it seems that the child is from Kaushal's boyfriend's previous relationship.

They are taking good care of the kid and we really hope that they tie the knot and become official.

Unexpected Job 

She gained this job in the unlikeliest of fashion as she applied for an internship in a television station.

Although she wanted to apply in the marketing department but there was no internship in that department and she applied for the news department.

Kaushal During her time with KYMA-TV, Source: Facebook

She never expected that she would land the job right away and it was the beginning of the new era for her as she is now one of the most prolific journalists of all time.

She began her journey in that company and worked there for several years before deciding that she wants to be an anchor now. She then got hired by NBC affiliate KYMA-TV in Yuma, Arizona.

Young Kaushal, Source: Facebook

She then worked for KOLD-TV in Tucson and then in KTVT-TV in Dallas. Though she was in the heights of her career but it seems she wanted to have all the glory for herself and decided to work hard just so she can work for CNN.

All the hard work and her labor yielded a result for her as she got into the International CNN in 2008. She traveled to many places all around the world for her work.

But after working for the network for more than 2 years she decided to return to the states and work there. She started working for the ABC network in San Diego. She worked there for 3-years.

Working in OAN

After leaving ABC network she joined the One America News and she is currently working as the morning news anchor there. She is loving her job there and her net worth must be pretty good, to say the least. 

Kaushal with her fellow Anchor, Source: YouTube

She won the Emmy award for covering Junior Seau's suicide news and she has also won Associated Press Awards for Best Newscast numerous time.


Love this song....gives me goosebumps every time! #godblesstheusa #godblessamerica

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She received the award for reporting on the prescription drugs that were pouring out in the United States from Mexico. 

Well, all in all, she is living a happy and blissful life and we soon hope to see her as aa gorgeous wife of Ryan. 

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