Home Article Is Peyton List Dating Right Now? Find out who is her Boyfriend

Is Peyton List Dating Right Now? Find out who is her Boyfriend

Updated On 31 Dec, 2016 Published On 31 Dec, 2016
Is Peyton List Dating Right Now? Find out who is her Boyfriend

Young actress Peyton List is a popular teenage actress. Is her love life popular too? Let's dig a bit.

The 18 year old American actress Peyton List is one of the most famous personality having a great fan following. She is a lovely teen actress who is also a model.

As far as it comes to her love life, she has been known to have only one relationship till now, dating back to 2012. Although Peyton is known to have been keeping a very low profile, and there are always contradicting news about her love life due to the assumptions of people.

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Peyton's Boyfriends

Her name has been linked with Cameron Boyce who is an American teen actor, singer and dancer. Being an already famous personality himself, Cameron is a year younger than Peyton. Although their names have been linked to each other once, there are no sign from Peyton or Cameron himself of their togetherness. And it would not even be correct to determine their dating time.



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She has made sure that people would not know about her love life. Although she leaves her fans wondering if she has a boyfriend or not, they won’t be unknown about her success in her career. She has been a very hardworking actress who is much famous for her roll as Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie and Holly Hills in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series.



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Peyton's Crushes

She has not discloed about her real life crush but James Marsden is one lucky celebrity who is the crush of this beautiful actress who herself is the crush of many men or women as well. Apart from having a crush, there is one another celebrity who is really cute in her eyes; Zac Efron. But one celebrity who is really a surprise to other people as her crush is Taylor Swift. Yes, Taylor is her lady crush. 

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 She is a very introvert person and it is a mystery to why she keeps her life so private even though there are millions of people who want to know about her personal life. Peyton had started acting at soap opera at a very early age, which was 4.

Personal Life

She is very much conscious about her health and fitness which is no big surprise because she has a flawless body. But it is quite surprising to know that there is another girl who could compete the outer beauty of this actress. Okay, riddles aside, she has a twin sister named Spencer who is a minute younger than her along with a younger brother Phoenix.


Her Social Sites

She is really active on social sites such a Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat all of which have more than 1 million followers, and none of which contain any cue about her love life. The actress knows how to not let people into her personal life. Her instagram is loaded with beautiful pictures of her none of which contain any photo of any man that she would likely be dating.

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