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Is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg Related to Donnie Wahlberg? Unpacking the Facts

Updated On 10 May, 2023 Published On 10 May, 2023
Is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg Related to Donnie Wahlberg? Unpacking the Facts

Have you heard about Donnie Wahlberg's son Xavier Alexander Wahlberg? He's got music genes in his blood and is related to Celine Dion and Madonna through his dad's French-Canadian roots. He's low-key but loves hardcore music and has a close bond with his dad.

Is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg Related to Donnie Wahlberg?

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg is more than just a famous son - he's a talented musician who's carving out a name for himself in the industry. The celebrity son has a passion for music along with his sibling Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg whom he inherited from his dad, who was a member of New Kids on the Block.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg shares a sibling and stepbrother.  

Although Wahlberg is not a household name, he's made appearances on reality TV shows like"Donnie Loves Jenny" and "Wahlburgers" alongside his famous father Donnie Wahlberg, and stepmother, Jenny McCarthy. Despite his famous family, Xavier is pretty low-key and prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Moreover, Xavier's parents' relationship was not without its share of drama. His parents separated in 2008, and his mother filed a case against Donnie, alleging that he had an affair with Canadian model Michelle Tomlinson. Their separation was finalized in September 2008, and his mother, Kimberly  Fey, won custody of their two sons.

Interestingly, the celebrity son is miskenned by the audience as he resembles Xavier Samuels from Twilight. Despite not being famous like his father, he is quite famous on social media where the public has made fan pages on Instagram.

Xavier's ancestry is a mix of Swedish, French, Canadian, and Scottish, making him a fascinating blend of different cultures. He's also a distant relative of singers Celine Dion and Madonna through his father's French-Canadian ancestry.

Meet Xavier Alexander Wahlberg's Father Donnie Wahlberg. About His Wealthy Lifestyle

Well, the known face Donnie is a Boston-born American actor, musician, and party animal who rose to fame as a member of the popular boy band, New Kids on the Block. Born in 1969, the celeb was the eighth of nine children and grew up with his brother Mark Wahlberg, who is also a famous entertainer. The two were raised by their mother after their parents divorced when Saw Star was just twelve years old.

Donnie Wahlberg with his now partner Jenny McCarthy.  SOURCE: Instagram@donniewahlberg 

Moreover, the leading name decided to try acting after the group disbanded in 1994, and he quickly gained attention for his performance in the 1999 hit film, The Sixth Sense. Since then, he has built a successful acting career with notable roles in Band of Brothers, Saw II, and Blue Bloods.

In 2008, New Kids on the Block reunited and released their album The Block, which topped the Billboard charts. They also went on a world tour, and in 2013, Wahlberg's joined his fellow band members on the Package Tour to support their new album, 10.

Also, the big name isn't just talented, but he also enjoys living life to the fullest where the star holds an astonishing net worth of $25 million. He and his second wife, Jenny McCarthy, have a luxurious home in Illinois, complete with a child-friendly pool, golf green, and a private nature path. The media personality even gushed about their "little piece of heaven" to People Magazine, saying they created a trail with a Buddha statue and a fountain for peaceful walks.

Nevertheless, that's not all. Very Scary People's star bedroom recently underwent a dramatic makeover, transforming from a basic gray and marble design to a chic and stylish monochrome look. The new look features a moody black paneled wall, a dramatic sculpture, and plush seats, all painted in Caviar by Sherman, a luxury paint brand.

Also, the TV personage is also known for his love of partying. During the annual NKOTB Cruise, he let loose and danced his heart out while the crowd chanted along with him. With his charisma, charm, and talent, it's no wonder Wahlberg is one of the most beloved entertainers of our time.

Who Is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg's Mother?

Oh my gosh, have you heard about Alexander's famous parents? His dad is the one and only Donnie, the heartthrob from New Kids on the Block, and his mom is none other than the talented sound engineer, Kimberly.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg is the eldest son of Donnie Wahlberg and Kimberly Fey. 

Similarly, Wahlberg and Fey were together for over a decade before calling it quits in 2010, and Donnie went on to marry McCarthy a few years later. But let's talk about the former star spouse- this woman is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, with over 30 years of experience under her belt.

Not only is the gorgeous woman, a respected and accomplished professional, but she's also an amazing mom to Xavier and his little bro Elijah Hendrix. I mean, talk about being born into a family of talent and success!

Moreover, Feya true inspiration to her kids and to anyone out there striving to make it in the entertainment biz. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, and she's proof that anything is possible if you're willing to put in the work. Go, Kimberly!

How is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg's Relationship With Donnie Wahlberg?

Hey, have you heard about the relationship between the Masked Singer star and his son Alexander? Apparently, Xavier's not too keen on all the publicity that comes with being part of a famous family, but that doesn't mean he's not close with his dad.

Likewise, the big name said that he and his son share a special bond, and even though Xavier's not a big talker, they often chat about the concerts he's been to and the cool experiences he's had. However, get this - the star son is also super tight with his stepmom Jenny and stepbrother Evan.

Again, the Tooken actor gushed about how amazing Jenny is as a love companion and stepmom, and how Alexander seems to connect with her more than with him. Evan, on the other hand, is a bit of a social butterfly, and Donnie's been able to bond with him over their outgoing personalities.

Even though the star's eldest son prefers to keep things on the down low, Wahlberg couldn't help but show off his son a little bit on social media for Father's Day. Aww, isn't that sweet? the professional actor's clearly one proud papa who loves his boy to the moon and back.

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