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Who is Jared Toller? Career & Net Worth of Constance Nunes's Former Husband

Updated On 04 Feb, 2022 Published On 11 Jul, 2021
Who is Jared Toller? Career & Net Worth of Constance Nunes's Former Husband

Jared Toller is the former husband of reknowned American model Constance Nunes who likes car modeling and transformation. This couple is the real definition of a perfect match.

Jared Toller - Divorced from Wife Constance Nune

Jared Toller was a blissfully married man to his then-girlfriend turned wife Constance Nunes. Notably, their love story is similar to that of a damsel in distress and a brave man coming to rescue her, as stated by the couple themselves.

Jared Toller tied the knot with Constance Nunes in California. SOURCE: Instagram (joel_meister)

In addition, Toller first encountered the love of his life Constance Nune during a small party with friends. However, both Jared and Constance went to the same high school but never had the chance to know each other. Jared was head over heels in love with Constance, seeing her for the first time after their school at the event. Her beauty just struck Jared. It's safe to say it was love at first sight, and at that very moment, Jared dreamed of marrying the lady.

After talking to her for hours, weeks, months, and becoming best friends, Jared Toller eventually confessed his love to Constance. And with surprise, the result came out with a positive result of "I do". The young lovers dated for eight years to take their romance to the next level of marriage. Right now, Jared Toller enjoys marital bliss without any sorts of unnecessary rumors of extra affairs.

Jared Toller and his wife Constance Nunes. SOURCE: TV Shows Casts

Well, with the big engagement ring, Toller and Nune became engaged in 2018. And shortly in a few months, they walked down the aisle on February 9, 2019, with a lavish ceremony in New Hall Mansion, Piru, California. Interestingly, Jared's best friend helped in officiating their marriage which almost 150 people attended.

Further, the gorgeous lady mechanic donned a black sequence semi-sheer wedding gown, whereas the groom boasted all-black wedding suits. Likewise, the wedding video was captured by popular videographer Joel Bonifacio. The wedding proved to be fruitful for less than two years as the couple became separable by the June of next year.

Well, the marriage couldn't last as Jared filed for divorce in 2020 at the Orange County Superior Courts, California. The reason behind the divorce is not disclosed yet. Toller's ex-wife was the one to confirm the divorce in her interview where she claimed that while she needs to be realistic again to find love again she still seeks standards in men to love again.

Not to mention, according to Nune, they were together for more than ten years. As of February 2022, the divorce filed by Toller was yet to be classified by the court to confirm their legal separation.

Career & Net Worth of Constance Nune's Husband

Jared Toller prefers a secretive lifestyle. Besides, he is only known publicly as Constance Nune's ex-husband. But his model former wife, Constance Nunes, is a millionaire with an estimated networth of $1 million. Her fortune is collected from her modeling career, Youtube channel, garage gigs, and Netflix show. 

Watch the video of Constance Nune modeling for The Edelbrock AVS2.

Further, Constance Nunes began her modeling career in 2008 with various agencies like Adore Apparel and Jeep Wrangel. While living in LA, Constance earned her identity as an NTA Model. Not to mention, the model also built cars for Charlie's Corvettes and works at Gotham Garage which restores & sells old cars.

Constance Nunes modeling for a vintage black car. SOURCE: Instagram(constance_nunes)

Afterward, with huge success in hand, Constance went on to model for commercials like Motorola, Reebok, and Kia Super Bowl alongside Christopher Walken. In fact, Constance Nunes made a series debut with a show about old cars on the Netflix series.

Nunes starring Netflix show Car Masters: Rust to Riches is also successful where her car enthusiasm in a male-dominated environment is notable. The sponsors also pay Nunes $1,0001 to $16668 per advert on Instagram.

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