Home Article Jarryd Wallace is happily Married, know about his Wife and the Relationship of the Couple here

Jarryd Wallace is happily Married, know about his Wife and the Relationship of the Couple here

Updated On 04 Sep, 2017 Published On 04 Sep, 2017
Jarryd Wallace is happily Married, know about his Wife and the Relationship of the Couple here

Jarryd Wallace is happily married to wife Lea Know about his Wife, Children, and Career here

Jarryd Wallace, the inspirational Paralympic sprint runner, never lost hope, following his heart and dream even after losing his leg due to compartment syndrome.

And after a successful amputee knee surgery, he's now able to run like no other, winning 100m T44 Paralympic event in 2011 and 2015's Parapan American Games. Hats off to him!

But who knew, Jarryd sole inspiration was the love of his life, Lea Babcock with whom he got happily engaged and married too!. The perfect couple is living a blissful life and will start a family soon.

Let's know more about Jarryd's love life and Career right here

Paralympian Jarryd Wallace got engaged to his Girlfriend in 2016, now happily Married Couple

The four-time record holder, Jarryd fell in love with beautiful Lea when they met back in 2014. Their chemistry was unusual, more passionate and both started dating right away.

And after dating for two long years, Jarryd couldn't stop himself from making Lea his forever and he proposed her in the most romantic way possible.

Lea Babcock with her husband Jarryd Wallace, Source: Bride.com

On their second date, Jarryd had asked Lea what was the one thing she wished she had as a child that she never got to have to which Lea replied stating tree house!! And Jarryd knew the perfect way to propose his leading lady, in a Tree House!!

He went back to his hometown and found a family that had a beautiful tree house and he made the perfect plan. Speaking with UsWeekly, Jarryd stated,

"In Athens, Georgia where she went to school and where I'm from, I found a family that had a beautiful tree house in their yard, I went and knocked on their door and asked if I could clean up their tree house and decorate it and propose to my fiancée in it." Um, who could possibly say no to that?!"

Wallace transformed the tree house into a fairy tale tree house, decorating it with string lights, rose petals, with a self-written love song and proposed her on October 3, 2015. Awwwww!

Tree house Jarryd Wallace proposed to Lea Babcock, Source: USWeekly

And overwhelmed with joy, Lea said YES! and the pair got engaged nearly three months later on January 27, 2016, along with a surprise engagement party!

Soon, they got married on October 8, 2016, after the Paralympics in a grand wedding in their hometown Georgia.

Jarryd Wallace proposed to Lea Babcock in a tree house on October 3, 2015, Source: The Knot news

We wish them life time of happiness and togetherness and hope their love remain alive throughout the eternity.

Jarryd Wallace Career

Born in a family with an athletic background, as his mother is a former track runner and father is a tennis coach, Jarryd always knew he wanted to make his career in sports.

He started his training as a runner since he was in high school but never knew he had a problem in his right leg. Under doctors consultation, back in 2002, he found that his right leg suffered a disorder, compartment syndrome in which the flesh and blood start to die eventually.

Jarryd Wallace, who has compartment syndrome, was once told, “You've got an 80-year-old leg on a 20-year-old body.”, Source: New York Times

But this didn't stop Wallace from running down the tracks as he agreed to lose his leg and went for amputation. Although using the prosthetic was difficult at first, he grew out of it and started his training.

He went on to win 100m sprint race in 2011 and 2015 Parapan American Games and got himself qualified for the 2016 Paralympics. He's won six gold medals till now. He's still a student in sports management at the University of Georgia. 

Quick Facts about Jarryd Wallace

  • Born and raised in Athens, Georgia, Jarryd Wallace is the renowned American T44 Paralympic sprint runner.
  • Attended University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA.
  • His father is a tennis coach in the same university since 1986.
  • His mother too is a former track runner.
  • Has an elder sister named Brittany.
  • Was diagnosed with compartment syndrome on his right leg.
  • Went under Amputee surgery which was successful.
  • He stands 5'8" (1.73m) and weighs 145lbs.
  • He belongs to T44 disability section and coached by Ken Harnden.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $200 thousand. 

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