American journalist, Lisa Salters, who is famous for her strong exceptional reporting skills, has a soft side as well. Taking care of her only child, especially when the child doesn't have any father figure.

She is adamant that she will raise her child on her own without the need of any boyfriend or husband. Many people claims she is hiding a secret husband from the public, so is it really the case or these are all hoaxes?

Lisa Salters-Mother of One Child 

We all know how much technology has advanced in the turn of the century and nowadays you can literally do anything, from changing your gender to grow hair artificially.

Lisa attending a Radio event in Los Angeles, California, Source: Pinterest

But whenever a single female is raising a child without any knowledge of the previous relationship then many people starts to speculate if she is really single or dating someone right now.   

These are the same speculations that followed Lisa soon after she announced that she is a mother of one child. The journalist is well versed with how to tackle different kinds of questions and ask, whenever necessary.

Looks like the journalist is not able to tackle this one type of question. Who is the father of her child? How has she able to hide her relationship from the public?

To answer these questions, there are a lot of methods in the world to conceive a child of your own, without having to use the all natural method. Though she used a different method.

Adopting her Child-Proud Parents of One Child

We all know that she was never linked with anyone nor does she dated anyone. As a single woman, she wanted to enjoy the life of a mom. She started contacting various adoption agencies but no luck.

She is a proud mother of one child, Samuel Salters, Source: HerDiamondback

She wanted to show the world that a single mother can raise a child as well. After few days of scouring, she got a call from the adopting agency that someone is willing to adopt their son to her.

The journalist couldn't be happier as she got a call from the heavens. That was the beginning of her life of as a proud mother of one child.

She named her baby boy, Samuel Salters. It's been over 4-years since she the adoption and she is really enjoying being a mother to her child.

Quick facts about Lisa Salters


  • Born on 6th March 1966, in the United States of America.
  • Her parents raised her in a Christian household.
  • She belongs to African-American race.
  • She attended Penn State University.
  • She graduated with a degree in journalism.
  • She used to play Basketball.
  • She also graduated from Upper Merion Area High School.
  • She joined the ESPN channel in 2000.
  • She currently serves as the reporter for Monday Night Football.
  • She was once nominated Sports Emmy Award.
  • Before working for the ESPN she worked for the ABC.
  • Her net worth is 2 million dollars.

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