Home Article Is Juliana Serbeto, Daniel Boaventura's Ex-Wife Currently Dating? Find here

Is Juliana Serbeto, Daniel Boaventura's Ex-Wife Currently Dating? Find here

Updated On 12 Feb, 2024 Published On 20 Sep, 2022
Is Juliana Serbeto, Daniel Boaventura's Ex-Wife Currently Dating? Find here

Juliana Serbeto is the celebrity ex-wife of Daniel Boaventura, who split from her husband after thirteen years of their wedding. While Daniel married again, Juliana is currently a single mother living a safe and sound life with her kids to the fullest

Brazilian singer and actor Daniel Boaventura is famous for his recurring roles in musicals like Evita, Chicago, The Addams Family, and Peter Pan; his ex-wife also gained popularity due to his portrayal of Adrian Lopes in the TV series Workout.

Mr. Boaventura secretly wedded his second wife, Maria Netto. Following six years into their marriage, the two parted ways in 2019. Today let's discuss his first spouse and know-how once the happy couple divorced each other.

Juliana Serbeto's Divorce From Daniel Boaventura

Daniel Boaventura's first union with Juliana Serbeto was going quite well, and the duo was at one time regarded as one of the most followed couples out there. For many years the issues appeared when the two began to have great confusion and misunderstanding, making them get divorced.

Daniel Boaventura, along with his daughters, at the movie premiere. SOURCE: Instagram(@danielboaventura)

Further, Juliana Serbeto is famously perceived as the former celebrity wife of world-famous music performer Daniel Boaventura. Unfortunately, that marriage didn't last for eternity, not more than thirteen years precisely.

And the reason behind the split is believed to be the irreconcilable difference. The initial phase of their relationship looked fabulous for the lovebirds who were crazily in love.

Daniel Boaventura spends quality time with his children. SOURCE: Instagram(@danielboaventura)

While what happened to Juliana after that is unknown, the single mother who didn't remarry lives a safe and sound life with her kids to the fullest. Since her divorce, she has been out of the limelight of the media.

Juliana Serbeto &  Daniel Boaventura - Tied The Knot in 1998

According to the sources, the former flames exchanged matrimony vows. As parents, Juliana and Daniel welcomed two daughters, the first child, a baby girl Joana Boaventura in 2003, and the younger one named Isabela Boaventura arrived in 2009.

Daniel Boaventura with his daughter. SOURCE: Instagram(@danielboaventura)

The blond beauty received a sizeable amount in the divorce settlement. Big props to the mother of two who shares joint custody of their two daughters. Regardless of how the artist's family has separated, the singer consistently spends quality time with his beautiful kids.

Not to miss, Daniel updates his fans on the various moments with Joana and Isabella on his Instagram feed with snaps. He later posted a photograph from his unforgettable vacation to Disney World with his girls writing in the caption," Too many selfies and grimaces for the bill."

Why Were Daniel Boaventura And Maria Netto Separated?

After parting ways with his first wife, Juliana, Daniel Boaventura enlisted their family house for sale. He listed the property for a staggering six million Brazilian reais and stated that he could no longer tolerate being with Maria Netto.

Check out the video of Daniel Boaventura in an interview.

The rumors about the family's split started when Maria posted a selfie picture with a shattered heart emoji with a caption that expressed," He came in with his foot, and I came in with my a**." 

Subsequently, Daniel dated Brazilian singer-songwriter Paula Fernandes but broke up in 2012. It was a devasting blow for the musician's fans as no one saw it coming. The former duo doesn't share any children between them.

Is Juliana Serbeto Married?

Since the divorce, Juliana has been away from the media and there is not way of knowing her current relationship. As for her husband, the singer seems to be single. 

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