Home Article Mary Carillo; why even after so many years of Divorcing Ex-husband Bill Bowden, she is Unmarried. Still no Boyfriend

Mary Carillo; why even after so many years of Divorcing Ex-husband Bill Bowden, she is Unmarried. Still no Boyfriend

Updated On 27 Apr, 2017 Published On 27 Apr, 2017
Mary Carillo; why even after so many years of Divorcing Ex-husband Bill Bowden, she is Unmarried. Still no Boyfriend

Mary Carillo is still not in a relationship with anyone after her divorce with her husband Bill Bowden. Find out more about the her relationship

The hilarious yet talented and veteran tennis reporter, Mary Carillo is one of those reporters whose always trying to keep her audience glued to their screen by her witty remarks.

Many of you might be eager to know about this ladies relationship with her ex-husband or if she's currently dating someone.

Well, if you want to know all the information above, then go right down below and you'll find out everything.

Mary Carillo Single for a long time

Our society certainly came a long way from what we used to be before. Nowadays everyone got their own rights and they can live their lives how they want to.

Mary during a Hallmark Movie premier, Source: Screener TV

Mary's been single for a long time now. The NBC Sportscaster isn't in a big relationship since her tragic divorce from her husband Bill Bowden in 1998.

It's hard to believe how is one able to live without anyone on their side but seems she's enjoying her singlehood with her two children. 

Mary Carillo Previous Marriage with Bill Bowden

Mary married Bill in 1983 after meeting him during the 80s. Mary herself stated that it wasn't a love at first sight, but rather love at multiple sights.

Mary during a sports foundation event, Source: Alchetron

In an interview about her former husband, she said

“It wasn’t one of those love-at-first-sight deals. We were good friends for a long time. One morning I woke up and looked at him differently, sort of, ‘Hey, he’s kind of cool looking.”

Putting lights on her husband Bill's professional career, and we get to knew that he's an Australian Tennis instructor. Even though there aren't many details about him, but at least we know how they fell in love.

Mary reporting during a game, Source: Sportsyackontap

Tennis seems to be the connection that led both of them to one another. 

Mary was also a professional tennis player in the late 1970s and she won numerous domestic Tennis tournament. She won her first pro title in 1977 at the French Open alongside her best friend Joe McEnroe.

Mary's children with Bill Bowden

Mary shares two children with her ex-husband Bill Bowden, named Anthony, 29, and Rachel, 25. She currently resides in Naples, Florida, where she practically raised her children on her own.

Mary with her husband Bill and her two children while enjoying swimming, Source: Tennis Forum

Her children are the main source of her inspiration. She currently works as the main sports reporter for the NBC network. 

The majority of her reporting is generally focused on games such as Skiing, Figure Skating, Basketball, Gymnastics, Badminton, Skeleton, Curling, Bobsledding.

Mary during an interview inside her house at Naples, Source: The NY Times

During the 2004 Athens Olympics games, she was reporting about the game Badminton. But suddenly the simple explanation became a classic rant and it's famous till this day.

You can watch the full video above.

Well, as for now, she's single and the reporter is still working as the main sports reporter. Even though she's single, yet she likes her life this way and enjoying it all along.

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