Home Article Once Divorced Kay Cannon Married To Husband Eben Russell With A Daughter

Once Divorced Kay Cannon Married To Husband Eben Russell With A Daughter

Updated On 26 Jan, 2021 Published On 25 Jan, 2021
Once Divorced Kay Cannon Married To Husband Eben Russell With A Daughter

The OG Girlboss herself, Kay Cannon is currently married to her beloved husband, Eben Russell after her first marriage failed with Jason Sudeikis. So, here's what you need to know about Cannon's love life.

Kay Cannon Was Married To Jason Sudeikis

The multifaceted hardworking Kay Cannon is a film producer who can act, write, and direct. And, with her life spent in the movie industry, it wouldn't be unfair to say Cannon's life isn't like one too, to say the least.

Kay Cannon and former first husband, Jason Sudeikis. SOURCE: Who Dated Who

Cannon, has had her ups and downs with her love life. From dating to breakups to marriage to divorce to another marriage,  you name it. But, hey, Cannon found her match with her current partner, Eben Russell.

Before Eben, Cannon, however, shared a marital relationship with former and first husband, Jason Sudeikis, who is also an actor best known for his roles in Horrible Bosses, We're The Millers, and Ted Lasso.

Cannon & Sudeikis Divorced In 2010

Anyways, Kay Cannon and ex-partner Jason Sudeikis met and fell in love in the late nineties. Both being fresher in the movie industry, their love stood strong for years that Sudeikis popped the question to Cannon to marry him, and Cannon happily said Yes.

So, almost five years later since they began dating, Cannon and Sudeikis got hitched in an intimate wedding ceremony in June 2004. But, their marital bliss could only last for four years as their romance turned sour in 2008.

Two years after Cannon and her husband's news of separation surfaced, the two finalized their divorce in 2010. Kay and Jason never shared kids, and the factor made their divorce procedures easy.

New Beginning Of Kay Cannon With Eben Russell

After things went south with her now estranged husband aka Jason Sudeikis, producer Kay Cannon then met Eben Russell who is also a comedy writer. And, it looks as if romance instantly formed between these two after fane united them.

Husband and wife, Kay Cannon and Eben Russell. SOURCE: Pinterest

Cannon, however, kept things patiently smooth with Russell in order to avoid another heartbreak and divorce, something she has already been through. But with Eben, Kay earned new confidence and love like never before.

Russell proposed and Cannon couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with the handsome writer. So on January 1st, 2012, Cannon once again tied the knot with her second husband, someone she knew in her heart would always love and support her.

Daughter Of Cannon & Russell - Evelyn Russell

The Let It Snow creator aka Kay Cannon and her husband Eben Russell didn't skip a year to start a family. Speaking of which, the lovely husband and wife are blessed with the bliss of being parents to a daughter.

Kay Cannon and husband Eben Russell with their daughter Evelyn Russell. SOURCE: Instagram

Their first and only child aka Evelyn Rose Rusell was born on 9th October 2013, just a year after since they married. FYI, Cannon wrote the hit aka Pitch Perfect while she was pregnant with Evelyn.

Cannon and Russell have been together and are still going stronger nine years later. Not to mention, for their ninth wedding anniversary, Kay shared an emotional message for her husband on Instagram.

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