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Kim Hasse Married Life; Know About Their Married Life And Children

Updated On 17 Jul, 2023 Published On 02 Oct, 2020
Kim Hasse Married Life; Know About Their Married Life And Children

Remember Kim Hasse, a former actress who hasn't been seen on our TV screen for a long time? Ever wondered what happened to her? Here's what you need to know.

Kim Hasse Married To Husband Gordon Lightfoot

Back in the eighties and nineties, retired actress Kim Hasse was in her youth and having the time of her life. With a brilliant career in Hollywood, Hasse has lived the life of a true diva. But since the late nineties, Hasse then gave up on her acting career.

Kim Hasse was a bride in 2014 with her partner, Gordon Lightfoot. SOURCE: Globe Gazette

And, today, Kim Hasse lives a sound life away from the media buzz with his husband, musician Gordon Lightfoot. Hasse and Lightfoot have been happily married for almost six years now since they walked down the aisle in 2014 at the Rosedale United Church in Toronto.

Hasse and Lightfoot's wedding was a private ceremony attended by only a few close friends and family. The couple, in their old age, however, doesn't share any kids. Hasse who embarks in her sixties soon is 25 years junior to the Canadian singer.

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The Teen Wolf Too actress also resides in Toronto with her husband and often joins the singer on his tour. But, being married to a famous singer like Lightfoot isn't always easy for Kim as a wife, especially when a lot of women aka Lightfoot's fans constantly try to flirt with him. Besides, Hasse is not also available on social media, especially on Instagram like her husband.

Kim Hasse Has Six Step-Children

Former actress Kim Hasse hasn't been married numerous times like her husband who has been married thrice. Although Kim never welcomed any children from her marriage to Gordon Lightfoot, she is still a stepmother to six children from her husband's previous relationship and marriage.

Former actress Kim Hasse and her husband, Gordon Lightfoot. SOURCE: Pinterest

Lightfoot who blames his busy schedule with touring and infidelity on the failure of his previous marriages is a father to six children. He has two children from his first wife Brita Ingegerd Olaisson, with whom he cheated on. Gordon and his Swedish ex-wife are parents to Fred Lightfoot and Ingrid Lightfoot.

Hasse's husband is also a father to the other two kids including Gaylen McGee Lightfoot and Eric Lightfoot. Last, but not least, Gordon also welcomed two children with his second wife Elizabeth Moon. Their children are Miles Lightfoot and Meredith Lightfoot. All children of the singer share a positive relationship with their mother, Lightfoot's children from his previous relationship have moderately fulfilled the void of motherhood for Kim. And, while Kim is busy taking care of the couple's home and family, her husband is busy doing his thing. Lightfoot is still traveling and touring to perform live. In March 2022, Lightfoot announced performing in Birchmere at Mt Vernon Avenue.

Kim Hasse's Heartbreaking Loss: Remembering Gordon Lightfoot

Kim Hasse and Gordon Lightfoot's journey together reached its end not due to separation, but with the tragic passing of Gordon Lightfoot. In mid-April 2023, Lightfoot faced the challenging reality of his declining health, which led him to make the difficult decision of canceling the remaining shows of his 2023 tour. Sadly, on May 1, 2023, at the age of 84, Gordon Lightfoot passed away from natural causes while receiving care at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

Despite not having ample time together and not having a child of their own, Kim and Gordon made the most of every moment in each other's loving company, cherishing the time they did share. Their bond was filled with rich experiences and cherished memories that will forever hold a special place in Kim's heart.

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