Home Article Did Wings actress Crystal Bernard ever get married? Know about her husband and past affairs

Did Wings actress Crystal Bernard ever get married? Know about her husband and past affairs

Updated On 14 Dec, 2021 Published On 06 Apr, 2017
Did Wings actress Crystal Bernard ever get married? Know about her husband and past affairs

It's been years that the beautiful and talented actress and singer have retired from the film industry. Despite this, she's still considered as one of the veterans in the acting field, she's none other than the famous actress Crystal Lynn Bernard who is best known for her decade-long role in hit comedy series, Wings.

As her personal life seems a mystery to all of us, she's always remained under the radar. Did the Wings actress Crystal Bernard ever get married?

Don't worry guys, today we'll let you know, everything about this actress in today's section.

Mysterious Personal Affairs of actress Crystal Bernard: Her Dating Life and Boyfriend       

The 55-year-old actress, who rose to fame after starring in the American sitcom, Wings since 1990, has now, however, bid goodbye to her acting career. 

Crystal Bernard at a red carpet event.
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Now, she's no longer part of the film industry and she's spending her life away from the media, maintaining a very low profile. It's hard to say that she's still single as she's one of the gorgeous actresses, the American film industry has ever known.

But, it's also difficult to conclude that she's a happily married woman as she's not revealed any information regarding her married life and children.

Actress Crystal Bernard in a photoshoot.
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Perhaps, she's enjoying her life, as a normal individual, away from the eyes of the media with family and possibly a loving husband and adorable kids.

Crystal Bernard dated radio personality, Rosh Limbaugh

It was back in the late 90's when the Young Doctors in Love, actress Crystal dated the famous entertainer and radio host Rosh Limbaugh.

Crystal dated Rosh Limbaugh back in the '20s

The pair dated for a few years and eventually split, the reason of which was stated as a busy life schedule and irreconcilable differences.

Rosh is now happily married to his wife Kathryn Limbaugh since 5th June 2010.

Bernard dated co-vocalist Peter Cetera

The versatile actress, Bernard also dated the then-hit singer, Peter Cetera. The duo did a duet together for a romantic song called I Wanna Take Forever Tonight, which was released back in 1995 in Cetera's album One Clear Voice.

American singer and actress Crystal Bernard (left) and singer Peter Cetera perform a duet at the River North Recording studio, Chicago, Illinois, April 10, 1995.
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However, most sources consider this as just a rumor and the duo also has not spoken anything about this matter yet.

Crystal Bernard dated Billy Dean

Back in 2004, Crystal started her official relationship with actor Billy Dean. Most of you might not know this but, the two even co-starred in the 1999 hit movie, A Face To Kill For.


Crystal with former boyfriend Billy Dean.
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They didn't date that time but it took nearly five years for them to fall in love. They started dating in early 2004, however, at the end of 2005, the couple broke up.

Billy Dean then married his lovely wife Stephanie Paisley and they have been happily married ever since without any divorce rumors.

Quick facts about Crystal Bernard

  • Was born on September 30, 1961, in Garland, Texas and was raised in a Sothern Baptist home.
  • She was a singing star in her childhood and used to sing gospel songs along with her elder sister Robyn.
  • One of the popular songs she sang during her childhood is "The Monkey Song" which she recorded when she was 8-year-old.
  • Studied acting at Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas.
  • Attended Spring High School followed by Baylor University.
  • She first started her acting career with the Television show Happy Days.
  • Has also done theaters and has appeared in a few music videos.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Here's a video of Crystal's interview while attending 'Black Knight' premiere in November 2001!

All in all, we wish this talented actress best wishes in her future endeavors and hope she makes a comeback in movies soon.

On the other hand, while it's not known when or if she ever decides to return to the industry, Bernard is certainly enjoying her life to the fullest away from the camera and limelight. Not to mention, fans can keep updated with the former actress on her Twitter page.

Unfortunately, for her fans who miss her dearly, Bernard rarely uses the platform. One of the last times, Bernard used the site was in September 2021 when she tweeted, "Anyone still using this shart?"

And, by the looks at her Twitter bio, Bernard locates in between Los Angeles and Paris. 

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