British Reality TV series, Love Island is a perfect place for any newbie to kickstart his or her career in the entertainment world. One of the stars of the show, Olivia Atwood became famous just for appearing in the show. 

But there is something more in her life than just appearing in it. Getting back with her ex-boyfriend, dating two guys at the same time, and many more.

There's a lot to know about the personal life of this young English girl. Let's get straight in it. 

Olivia Atwood Back Together With Her Ex; Dating For Money And Fame

Ever since Olivia made her mark in the Love Island series, not a single episode goes by when she is not involved with any controversy. She is reportedly back together with her ex-boyfriend, Mike Thalassitis.

Looks like both of them can't seem to move over from one another as, despite breaking-up multiple times, they are now back together and why aren't we surprised here?

Olivia Atwood seems to be back together with her ex-Mike
Source: Mirror

Many of us are already aware of her nature of constantly changing her mind and this time too, she gave one more shot to her ex. Before she entered the show, Love Island as a singleton, she reminisced all the beautiful moments spend with Mike. 

She stated, 

"I’ve had roses bought for me, or going to a hotel where the guy’s been in before you get there to dress the room. I’ve had an ex boyfriend take me to the airport and upgrade my ticket. I quite like those old fashioned romantic gestures.

Well, nothing beats the old school day, don't you think?

But after dating for around 4 or 5 years, the couple called it quits and this time it looked serious. Speaking of her heartbreak, she stated, 

"Yes my ex boyfriend. We were together for four or five years and he ended it, which came totally out of the blue. I was devastated. Then he did change his mind and try to get me back but I was done then. I don’t think he’d watch me on this show – he’d find it too hard. I wouldn’t get back with him, it’s done."

When she entered the show, she had a short-term fling with Sam Gowland. Later on, she fell in love with another contestant named Chris Hughes. She even admitted to sleeping with his boxers while he was away. 

And her mind once again changed and she left Chris for Muggy Mike, only to get back to him after some time. After dating the whole season, Chris called it quits with Olivia when he found her partying with her ex. 

Six months after her break-up with Chris, speculations started pouring down that she is probably dating her ex, Mike, again and the rumors couldn't be truer.

Olivia Atwood-Dated Two Guys At Same Time

Olivia's ex-boyfriend, Chris Hughes even claimed she dated two people at the same time. She along with Chris also dated a football player, Bradley Dack.

She reportedly dated Chris and Bradley at the same time
Source: Mirror

Earlier in April 2018, she announced her relationship with Bradley. Both of them were spotted hanging out together by fans which led to the speculations that they are back together. 

But Olivia didn't outright claim her relationship with him. She said that both of them are testing it out and didn't want to put a label in it just yet. 

She also wants a more serious relationship for now so that explains her hesitancy to start a relationship just as yet. 

Olivia Atwood: Quick Facts

Source: Celebs Now
  • Born on May 2, 1991, in Surrey, England.
  • She used to work as a Motorsport Grid Girl.
  • She became famous after her role in the series, Love Island. 
  • She is often confused with the contestant, Chloe Crowhurst. 
  • She belongs to Taurus horoscope.